International Journal of Pharmacy Practice

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Edited By: Christine Bond, University of Aberdeen, UK

Online ISSN: 2042-7174

Sharing best practice across continents

The patients we serve and the analyses that we conduct are ever increasingly more complex and challenging. Many times when we examine the literature we focus on our own countries, this is a natural response. However, it may not be always appropriate automatically to dismiss papers as irrelevant, just because the external context was not exactly the same as the one of interest, or may have a focus on another country.

We need to look for commonalities not differences. Pharmacy is a small profession and we need to work together internationally now more than ever. Never before, have we needed to share more, and avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’. This can easily waste resources and lose precious time. It is therefore becoming increasingly apparent that there is much that we can share, and conversely learn from our colleagues internationally.

The goal of this International Journal of Pharmacy Practice virtual issue is to share IJPP papers that have commonality with pharmacists regardless of practice location or scope of practice. It is hoped that this issue may reinforce the many positive aspects of the international practice of pharmacy and highlight our commonalities.

Jack Fincham, North American Editor

Patient-specific factors relating to medication adherence in a post-percutaneous coronary intervention cohort
Gordon F. Rushworth, Scott Cunningham, Alasdair Mort, Ian Rudd and Stephen J. Leslie

Pharmacists' perceptions of their practice: a comparison between Alberta and Northern Ireland
Yazid N. Al Hamarneh, Meagen Rosenthal, James C. McElnay and Ross T. Tsuyuki

The expanding public health threat of obesity and overweight
Jack E. Fincham

An explanatory policy analysis of legislative change permitting pharmacists in Alberta, Canada, to prescribe
Nora MacLeod-Glover

Collaboration in chronic care: unpacking the relationship of pharmacists and general medical practitioners in primary care
Rosalind M Dey, Michael J.W de Vries, Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich

Unprevented or prevented dispensing incidents: which outcome to use in dispensing error research?
K. Lynette James, Dave Barlow, Robin Burfield, Sarah Hiom, Dave Roberts, Cate Whittlesea

Connected health and the pharmacist
James C. McElnay

Responsible self-medication: perceived risks and benefits of over-the-counter analgesic use
Rodney Stosic, Fiona Dunagan, Hazel Palmer, Trafford Fowler, Ian Adams

What will this decade bring?
Christine Bond

Community pharmacy contribution to weight management: identifying opportunities
Krska George, Claire Lovelady, Deborah Connolly, Shaun Parmar, Michael J. Davies

The impact of pharmacy computerised clinical decision support on prescribing, clinical and patient outcomes: a systematic review of the literature
Jane Robertson, Emily Walkom, Sallie-Anne Pearson, Isla Hains, Margaret Williamson, David Newby

Pharmacists' perceptions of their role in asthma management and barriers to the provision of asthma services
Vicky S. Kritikos, Helen K. Reddel, Sinthia Z. Bosnic-Anticevich

Consumers' views on generic medicines: A review of the literature
Mohamed A. A. Hassali, Asrul A. Shafie, Shazia Jamshed, Mohamed I. M. Ibrahim and Ahmed Awaisu

Research skills training for the Doctor of Pharmacy in US Schools of Pharmacy: A descriptive study
Kevin T. Fuji and Kimberly A. Galt

The feasibility of providing community pharmacy-based services for alcohol misuse: A literature review
Margaret C. Watson, Alison Blenkinsopp

Views of pharmacist prescribers, doctors and patients on pharmacist prescribing implementation
Derek C. Stewart, Johnson George, Christine M. Bond, H. Lesley Diack, Dorothy J. McCaig, Scott Cunningham