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Edited By: Stefan R. Schweinberger

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Virtual Issue: Sport Psychology


Edited by Professor David Lavallee, University of Stirling

"The study of sport psychology has a history spanning over 100 years. Ever since Norman Triplett's (1898) ground-breaking publication on social influence on cycling performance, which is often cited as the first experiment in social psychology, psychologists have taken an interest in sport. Coleman Griffith was an educational psychologist who worked as a consultant for collegiate and professional sports teams in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s. Several prominent psychologists around the world also applied their theories and research in sport contexts following Griffith, but this work was conducted sporadically and did not begin to have a noteworthy impact until more recently..." Continue reading the introduction by Professor David Lavallee

Video Abstract by Professor David Lavallee

British Journal of Psychology

Coping style and situational appraisals as predictors of coping strategies following stressful events in sport as a function of gender and skill level
Mark H. Anshel and Angelo N. Kaissidis

British Journal of Psychology

A catastrophe model of anxiety and performance
Lew Hardy and Gaynor Parfitt

British Journal of Psychology

Interference effects of mental imagery on a motor task
Craig Hall, Lisa Bernoties and Darlene Schmidt

British Journal of Psychology

More than just a game: Research developments and issues in competitive anxiety in sport
Graham Jones

British Journal of Social Psychology

Goal orientations and conceptions of the nature of sport ability in children: A social cognitive approach
Philippe Sarrazin, Stuart Biddle, Jean Pierre Famose, Francois Cury, Kenneth Fox and Marc Durand

British Journal of Social Psychology

Perceptions of empathic accuracy and assumed similarity in the coach–athlete relationship
Sophia Jowett and David Clark-Carter

British Journal of Educational Psychology

Children's task and ego goal profiles in sport
Kenneth Fox, Marios Goudas, Stuart Biddle, Joan Duda and Neil Armstrong

Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

The differential effect of team members' trust on team performance: The mediation role of team cohesion
Merce Mach, Simon Dolan and Shay Tzafrir

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