European Journal of Political Research Political Data Yearbook

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Edited By: Kevin Deegan-Krause, Liam Weeks and Andreas Bågenholm

Online ISSN: 2047-8852

Associated Title(s): European Journal of Political Research

Political Data Yearbook

The Political Data Yearbook documents election results, national referenda, changes in government, and institutional reforms in all of the EU member states, plus Australia, Canada, Iceland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and the United States. In addition, recognized experts on the politics of each country provide commentary on these events, as well as on the principal issues in national politics during the year.

2011 Political Data Yearbook (2010 data)
2010 Political Data Yearbook (2009 data)
2009 Political Data Yearbook (2008 data)
2008 Political Data Yearbook (2007 data)
2007 Political Data Yearbook (2006 data)
2006 Political Data Yearbook (2005 data)

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For the last two decades the European Journal of Political Research has published the Political Data Yearbook as a double issue at the end of each year. In each Yearbook, respected scholars documented the political climate, electoral and referenda results for each country in a large roster (now up to 36 countries) providing a wealth of data to help readers make sense of countries and their political data.

From 2012, the Political Data Yearbook has acquired an independent page within the Wiley Online Library (the page you are currently seeing). More importantly, thanks to cooperation between the European Consortium for Political Research and Wiley-Blackwell, we are very proud to announce the creation of the Political Data Yearbook: Interactive, available online at: This completely free site allows you to access all of the data for all of the countries in one place, and work with it using intuitive graphic interfaces that allow you to track changes over any period in any country, however large or small.