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Edited By: Michael Hand

Online ISSN: 2048-416X

Associated Title(s): Journal of Philosophy of Education

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  • Current Issue:May 2016

    Volume 2016, Issue 23

    Special Issue: Should students have to borrow?

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    Volume 2015, Issue 22

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    Volume 2011, Issue 19

    Special Issue: Patriotism in Schools, Michael Hand


Written by leading general philosophers and philosophers of education, IMPACT pamphlets bring philosophical perspectives to bear on current education policy in the UK. They are addressed directly to policy-makers, politicians and practitioners, though will be of interest also to researchers and students working on education policy.

All IMPACT pamphlets are available to download free from the Wiley Online Library.

IMPACT is an initiative of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain.


The latest IMPACT pamphlet, Should Students Have To Borrow?, was launched on 26 May 2016 at Conway Hall in London. The speakers at the launch seminar were:

• Dr Christopher Martin, author of Should Students Have To Borrow?

• Dr Vincent Carpentier, Centre for Global Higher Education, UCL Institute of Education

• Thomas Mitchell, Department of Philosophy, University of Birmingham

• Dr Joanna Williams, author of Consuming Higher Education

• Prof Michael Hand, editor of IMPACT (Chair)

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