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Edited By: Dr MF Braby

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The ‘Overview’ section of the Australian Journal of Entomology first appeared in 2008 with a ground-breaking article on insect eusociality by the late Ross Crozier. Since then an additional 10 Overviews have appeared with subject matter ranging from the bar-coding debates to the success or otherwise of integrated pest management to the likely impacts of climate change on insect vectors of human diseases.

The Overview section of the journal was initiated with several inter-related purposes in mind:
      • to present to a wide readership summaries of current research and/or entomological debates by those prominent in particular areas of activity;
      • to allow authors to present their more or less strongly held views on particular issues in the spirit of constructive scientific debate;
      • to explore the full range of modern entomology including taxonomy, pest management, medical entomology, evolutionary biology, ecology, physiology, conservation biology and the interface between entomology, society and other disciplines; and,
      • to broaden the scope of the journal and its readership by presenting cutting-edge thought and opinion.

No more than one Overview appears in each issue of the journal. Overviews are sought by invitation or proposal. Ideally they should be shorter rather than longer. They are, of course refereed, but in the light of their stated purpose – occasional assertions and interpretations, ex cathedra, may have a place in an Overview that might not be found in a traditional data-based paper.

After three years of operation the Overviews seem to be doing their job and selected articles are amongst the more highly cited of the journal’s products. We have, in the pipeline, pieces on the ordinal classification of insects (including the ill-fated Isoptera), on the current developments in the study of the Hemiptera, on insect palaeontology and on the intersection between entomology and community ecology. Other potential topics yet to find a proponent might include issues related to the education of entomologists, the entomology/public policy interface, the ethics of collecting, current developments in insect biogeography – and many other topics limited only by the imagination of their proponents. I have not had, to date (for example) anything on insect physiology.

Nevertheless I am constantly on the look-out for Overview proposals and one purpose of presenting the set of Overviews which have appeared to date as a virtual resource is to stimulate entomologists and others who feel they may have an Overview in them to contact me and begin negotiation.

Roger Kitching
Griffith University, Brisbane
AJE Overview Editor


A view from the edge of the forest: recent progress in understanding the relationships of the insect orders
David K Yeates, Stephen L Cameron, Michelle Trautwein

Insect molecular biology: an Australian perspective
Richard Glatz and Joanne Kent

Remote microscopy: a success story in Australian and New Zealand plant biosecurity
Michael Thompson, Anita Lyons, Lalith Kumarasinghe, Darren R Peck, Gary Kong, Steve Shattuck and John La Salle

A genetic perspective on insect climate specialists
Ary A Hoffmann

Research to realisation: the challenging path for novel pest management products in Australia
Peter C Gregg, Kerryn A Greive, Alice P Del Socorro and Anthony J Hawes

Saga of the short-range endemic
Jonathan Majer

Viva La Revolución! Designing the digital renaissance in zoological taxonomy
David Yeates

The future of IPM: whither or wither?
Myron P Zalucki, David Adamson and Michael J Furlong

Mosquito-borne disease and climate change in Australia: time for a reality check
Richard C Russell

DNA barcoding demystified
Andrew Mitchell

Advanced eusociality, kin selection and male haploidy
Ross H Crozier