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Aquaculture and Fish Science in India

Top papers from Indian aquaculture authors

This virtual issue brings together high quality papers from Indian authors published in journals on Wiley Online Library.

Growth and body composition of rohu (Labeo rohita) fed diets containing oilseed meals: partial or total replacement of fish meal with soybean meal
MA Khan, AK Jafri, NK Chadha, N Usmani
Aquaculture Nutrition

Lysozyme: an important defence molecule of fish innate immune system
Shailesh Saurabh, P K Sahoo
Aquaculture Research

Characterization of Vibrio spp. associated with diseased shrimp from culture ponds of Andhra Pradesh (India)
L. Jayasree, P. Janakiram, R. Madhavi
Journal of the World Aquaculture Society

A comparison of back-calculated lengths of silver carp derived from bony structures
MS Johdal, HR Esmaeili, KK Tandon
Journal of Fish Biology

Fish venom: pharmacological features and biological significance
Gisha Sivan
Fish and Fisheries

Risk and benefit assessment of alien fish species of the aquaculture and aquarium trade into India
AK Singh, WS Lakra
Reviews in Aquaculture

Fisheries and trade of seahorses, Hippocampus spp., in southern India
Salin KR, Yohannan TM, Nair CM
Fisheries Management and Ecology

Priority habitats for the conservation of large river fish in the Ganges river basin
UK Sarkar, MB Bain
Aquatic Conservation

Seasonal and interannual variations of oceanographic conditions off Mangalore coast (Karnataka, India) in the Malabar upwelling system during 1995-2004 and their influences on the pelagic fishery
PK Krishnakumar, GS Bhat
Fisheries Oceanography

Non-specific immune responses in juveniles of Indian major carps
PK Sahoo, J Kumari, BK Mishra
Journal of Applied Ichthyology

Detection of koi herpesvirus in common carp, Cyprinus carpio L., by loop-mediated isothermal amplification
I Gunimaladevi, T Kono, MN Venugopal, M. Sakai
Journal of Fish Diseases