Anatomy & Physiology

Virtual Issue: Physiology

Virtual Issue: Physiology

Welcome to the first virtual issue in a series of subject wide virtual issues we have planned for 2012. The following selections encompass some of the content Wiley-Blackwell has to offer in the area of physiology.

Comprehensive Physiology

The Ciliary Cytoskeleton

Cryo-EM in the Study of Membrane Transport Proteins

TRP Channels

Control of Breathing During Exercise

Neural Control of the Upper Airway: Integrative

Physiological Mechanisms and Relevance for Sleep

Disordered Breathing

Cytoskeleton Dynamics and Lung Fluid Balance

Renal Medullary Circulation

Micropuncture of the Kidney: A Primer on Techniques

Bioenergetics of Exercising Humans

WIREs Developmental Biology

Salivary gland organogenesis

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva: a human genetic disorder of extraskeletal bone formation, or—how does one tissue become another?

Acta Physiologica

Wnt signalling and its role in stem cell-driven intestinal regeneration and hyperplasia

American Journal of Human Biology

Are cardiorespiratory fitness and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity independently associated to overweight, obesity, and abdominal obesity in elderly?

The Anatomical Record

Hepatic Steatosis, Fibrosis, and Cancer in Elderly Cadavers

Embryonic Liver Morphology and Morphometry by Magnetic Resonance Microscopic Imaging

Anatomical Sciences Education

Optical versus virtual: Teaching assistant perceptions of the use of virtual microscopy in an undergraduate human anatomy course

Clinical Anatomy

Anatomy of thyroid and parathyroid glands and neurovascular relations

Robotic thyroid surgery: Clinical and anatomic considerations

Re-animation and rehabilitation of the paralyzed face in head and neck cancer patients

Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology

Role of mineralocorticoid action in the brain in salt-sensitive hypertension

Experimental Physiology

Mapping the central neurocircuitry that integrates the cardiovascular response to exercise in humans

Computational analyses of CO-rebreathing methods for estimating haemoglobin mass in humans

Journal of Anatomy

The influence of sex, age and BMI on the degeneration of the lumbar spine

Journal of Bone and Mineral Research

Obesity and fracture in men and women: An epidemiologic perspective

Rapidly increasing rates of hip fracture in Beijing, China

Journal of Orthopaedic Research

Vascular endothelial growth factor polymorphisms in patients with steroid-induced femoral head osteonecrosis

Effect of anterior cruciate healing on the uninjured ligament insertion site

Journal of Physiology

Muscle time under tension during resistance exercise stimulates differential muscle protein sub-fractional synthetic responses in men