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The 31st IUBS General Assembly and Conference on Biological Sciences and Bioindustry will be held in July 2012 at Suzhou, China. Please read our Virtual Issue from Wiley-Blackwell journals and book relevant to the conference.


Andrew MooreHighlight from Dr. Andrew Moore, Editor-in-Chief of BioEssays, (E-mail: bioessays@wiley.com): From life-history tradeoffs to cancer and beyond: The continuously expanding vistas of stem cell research. One stem cell is certainly not very much like another. The very term “stem cell” can imply the mere, and constant, function of replenishing a tissue. However, the behaviour and role of stem cells in different biological contexts, organisms and tissues reveals a rich diversity of effects spanning evolution and pathology: the balance between self-renewal and differentiation in the insect germline stem cells, for example, is correlated with life-span and reproductive life history; for biomedicine, recent advances in studying the balance of self-renewal versus differentiation in Drosophila neural stem cells could shed light on human cancer. The way in which stem cells interact with their niche – surrounding cells – is also crucial to their survival and proliferation, as recently shown, for example, by co-culturing neural stem cells with expanded Sertoli cells. We wish you enjoyable and informative reading!

IUBS Virtual Issue - Stem Cell and Reproductive Medicine (More articles for further reading)

free logoBalancing self-renewal and differentiation by asymmetric division: Insights from brain tumor suppressors in Drosophila neural stem cells
Kai Chen Chang, Cheng Wang, Hongyan Wang
This article summarizes molecular mechanisms of asymmetric cell division and discusses how defects in in asymmetric division lead to tumour formation.
Molecular Reproduction and Development
free logoVirtual Issue: Reviews and Essays in Molecular Reproduction and Development
Molecular Reproduction and Development
The Review articles and Essays from Molecular Reproduction and Development offer expert overviews of the numerous research efforts in reproductive biology and early embryogenesis, covering a wide range of metazoans, from mammals (including humans) through invertebrates. The articles are freely available online.
Biotechnology Progress
free logoThe enhancement of neural stem cell survival and growth by coculturing with expanded sertoli cells in vitro
Bingyang Shi, Lei Deng, Xiaolin Shi, Sheng Dai, Hu Zhang, Yonghong Wang, Jingxiu Bi and Meijin Guo
Biotechnology Progress

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 Primary and Stem Cells 

Primary and Stem Cells: Gene Transfer Technologies and Applications Edited by Uma Lakshmipathy, Bhaskar Thyagarajan ISBN: 978-0-470-61074-9 (Read Sample Chapter)