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Welcome to the new online service for chemists with the new magazine of ChemPubSoc Europe - an association of 16 chemistry societies in continental Europe – ChemViews featuring:

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This is your entry point for all chemistry content from Wiley’s 200 chemistry journals, books, major reference works, databases and online resources. This new service is brought to you by ChemPubSocEurope and Wiley-VCH.

You couldn't come to the symposium on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Angewandte Chemie's International Edition in Tokyo or Beijing with chemistry Nobel laureates Suzuki, Sharpless, Noyori, and Michel? No problem - you can still view it online for free.

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Chemistry that delivers
Angewandte Chemie IntImpact Factor 13.455
ChemistryImpact Factor 5.925
Chemistry AsianImpact Factor 4.500
Computational ChemistryImpact Factor 4.583
TCRImpact Factor 4.377
IJCImpact Factor 1.535
Chemistry and BiodiversityImpact Factor 1.804
HCAImpact Factor 1.478