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Free Organic Chemistry Chapter Downloads

Nanocatalysis - Synthesis and Applications: Introduction to Nanocatalysis

Heterogeneous Catalysts for Clean Technology - Spectroscopy, Design, and Monitoring: Introduction to Clean Technology and Catalysis

More Dead Ends and Detours - En Route to Successful Total Synthesis: Introduction

Microreactors in Organic Chemistry and Catalysis, Second Edition: Properties and Use of Microreactors

Diversity-Oriented Synthesis: The Basics of Diversity-Oriented Synthesis

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About Online Books

Ever needed a copy of a book but it's not on your library shelf?
Spent hours trawling through contents and indexes searching for a particular term?
Been too late to get to the library and your deadline is looming?

If the answer is yes, then Online Books offers you a solution - they are always in stock, searchable
down to chapter level, and offer instant full text access.

Online Books offer flexible electronic access to over 2,000 Wiley chemistry books from biochemistry to environmental chemistry to green chemistry - offering the latest print books in an electronic format. Online access allows you to browse, read, or research from the ease of your own office, at work or at home.

With Online Books you can...

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Online Book Collections

Enhance your library holdings in one easy step with Wiley’s chemistry Online Books collections.

Collections are available across various sub-disciplines in chemistry from organic chemistry to pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry and polymer science and technology. With 210 titles available in organic chemistry collection, 167 in analytical chemistry, 79 in pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry as well as collections in industrial chemistry, polymer science and technology, physical chemistry and biochemistry, this is an ideal step-by-step way to build a reference collection in the areas most relevant to your research.

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Also don’t forget all Wiley’s major chemistry book series - Organic Reaction Mechanisms, Organic Reactions, Organic Synthesis
, Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds and Patai’s Chemistry of Functional Groups are all available online.
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Reference Works Collections

Your library can instantly add thousands of pages of content to their online library by purchasing an Online Reference
Collection. They include Chemistry featuring 13 titles; Materials featuring 7 titles; Physics featuring 4 titles and Biochemistry
featuring 11 titles. Titles in these collections include landmark publications such as Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry,
Corrosion Handbook and Encyclopedia of Applied Physics.

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To view the current titles in either of these collections, click the 'Download Title Lists' drop down menu on the right hand side of this page and select Reference Works Collections.

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