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Software and Programming 

Journal of Software: Evolution and Process

1.Feature location in source code: a taxonomy and survey [Free]

2. Contextualizing agile software development  [Free]

3. Maintenance of service oriented architecture composite applications: static and dynamic support  [Free]

Software Testing, Verification and Reliability

1. Reliability assessment based on hazard rate model for an embedded OSS porting-phase  [Free]

2. An automated analysis methodology to detect inconsistencies in web services with WSDL interfaces   [Free]

3. Efficient mutation testing of multithreaded code   [Free]

Software: Practice and Experience

1. WYSIWIB: exploiting fine-grained program structure in a scriptable API-usage protocol-finding process [Free]

2. MemSafe: ensuring the spatial and temporal memory safety of C at runtime [Free]

3. Distributed OSGi built over message-oriented middleware  [Free]

Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience

1. Cloud scalability: building the Millennium Falcon [Free]

2. High performance computing and simulation: architectures, systems, algorithms, technologies, services, and applications  [Free]

3. Latest trends in computer architectures and parallel and distributed technologies  [Free]

Information Systems 

Expert Systems

1. A Case-Based Reasoning system for complex medical diagnosis [Free]

2. Knowledge representation of the software architecture design process based on situation calculus  [Free]

3. Combining open-source natural language processing tools to parse clinical practice guidelines  [Free]

Information Systems Journal

1. Predicting users' return to virtual worlds: a social perspective [Free]

2. Information technology to support informal knowledge sharing  [Free]

3. Decoupling, re-engaging: managing trust relationships in implementation projects  [Free]

International Journal of Intelligent Systems

1. Finding Fuzzy Concepts for Creative Knowledge Discovery [Free]

2. Soft Computing for Intelligent Web [Free]

3. A Fuzzy Ontology for Database Querying with Bipolar Preferences  [Free]

Computer Animation 

Computer Graphics Forum

1. Feature-Preserving Surface Reconstruction From Unoriented, Noisy Point Data [Free]

2. Simulation of Morphology Changes in Drying Leaves  [Free]

3. Content-Based Colour Transfer  [Free]

Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds

1. An embodied approach to arthropod animation [Free]

2. Painterly rendering techniques: a state-of-the-art review of current approaches  [Free]

3. Procedural locomotion of multilegged characters in dynamic environments [Free]

Applied Engineering 

Computer Applications in Engineering Education

1. Web usage mining for predicting final marks of students that use Moodle courses  [Free]

2. FPGA-based educational platform for real-time image processing experiments [Free]

3. Project management educational software (ProMES)  [Free]

Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

1. Dynamic Bayesian Network for Probabilistic Modeling of Tunnel Excavation Processes [Free]

2. Numerical Modeling of Dynamic Behavior of Annular Tuned Liquid Dampers for Applications in Wind Towers  [Free]

3. A Customized Particle Swarm Method to Solve Highway Alignment Optimization Problem  [Free]

Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Data Mining 

Journal of Graph Theory

1. A Note on Degenerate and Spectrally Degenerate Graphs  [Free]

2. Average Degree in Graph Powers  [Free]

3. Feedback Vertex Sets in Tournaments  [Free]


1. A branch-and-bound algorithm for the double travelling salesman problem with two stacks  [Free]

2. Integer programming models and algorithms for the graph decontamination problem with mobile agents  [Free]

3. Simplifications and speedups of the pseudoflow algorithm  [Free]

Random Structures and Algorithms

1. Sparse random graphs: Eigenvalues and eigenvectors  [Free]

2. Left and right convergence of graphs with bounded degree  [Free]

3. Turánnical hypergraphs  [Free]

Mathematical Logic Quarterly

1. Quantum computational logic with mixed states  [Free]

2. On the strength of Ramsey's theorem without Σ1-induction  [Free]

3. Complexity and expressive power of second-order extended Horn logic  [Free]


Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

1. Special Issue on Astrostatistics  [Free]

2. Bayesian model averaging in astrophysics: a review  [Free]

3. Periodicity detection in irregularly sampled light curves by robust regression and outlier detection  [Free]

WIREs Computational Statistics

1. Quadratic programming algorithms for ensemble models  [Free]

2. Time series factor models  [Free]

3. Partial least squares algorithms and methods  [Free]

WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

1. Data mining in education  [Free]

2. Large-scale data mining using genetics-based machine learning  [Free]

3. A survey on mining multiple data sources  [Free]

Computational Intelligence

1. A web-based personalized business partner recommendation system using fuzzy semantic techniques  [Free]

2. Integrating planning, execution, and learning to improve plan execution  [Free]

3. An optimization approach to automatic generic document summarization  [Free]

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