Development Studies

Sustainable Cities


Planning Sustainability: Intergenerational and Intragenerational Justice in Spatial Planning Strategies

Transition Urbanism and the Contested Politics of Ethical Place Making.

Angola 2025: The Future of the ‘World's Richest Poor Country’ as Seen through a Chinese Rear-View Mirror

Rethinking community and public space from the margins: a study of community libraries in Bangalore's slums

Australian Economic History Review
Australia's smoke city: Air pollution in Newcastle

Asian Economic Policy Review
Multi-level Governance and Global Climate Change in East Asia

Australian Economic Review
Transforming Australian Cities for a More Financially Viable and Sustainable Future: Transportation and Urban Design

Asian-Pacific Economic Literature
China's Great Ascendancy and structural risks: consequences of asymmetric market liberalisation

Asian Economic Journal
Determinants of Economic Growth and Spread–backwash Effects in Western and Eastern China

Asia Pacific Viewpoint
Chongqing: Beyond the latecomer advantage 重庆:超越后发优势

The American Journal of Economics and Sociology
Explaining Geographic Cluster Success—The GEMS Model

Beyond Just Research: Experiences from Southern Africa in Developing Social Learning Partnerships for Resource Conservation Initiatives

Tropical Biodiversity in Human-Modified Landscapes: What is our Trump Card?

Business Strategy and the Environment
Business strategies and the transition to low-carbon cities

The Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien
Revamping community-based conservation through participatory research

City & Community
Revisiting the End of Public Space: Assembling the Public in an Urban Park

Conservation as a Territorial Ideology

The Changing Right to the City: Urban Renewal and Housing Rights in Globalizing Shanghai and Mumbai

Foregrounding Nature: An Invitation to Think About Shifting Nature-City Boundaries

Why Environmentally Constrained Towns Choose Growth Controls

City & Society Special Issue
Sustainability in the City: Ethnographic Approaches

Conservation Letters
Large trees are keystone structures in urban parks

Climate change: helping nature survive the human response

High levels of participation in conservation projects enhance learning

Risky business: an uncertain future for biodiversity conservation finance through REDD+

Framing biodiversity conservation for decision makers: insights from four South African municipalities

Conservation in tropical Pacific Island countries: why most current approaches are failing

Development and Change
Cities of Extremes

The Problem of Slums: Shifting Methods of Neoliberal Urban Government in Morocco

The Wealth of Cities: Towards an Asset-based Development of Newly Urbanizing Regions

Development Policy Review
African Development and Urban Change: What Policy Makers Need to Know

The Urbanization Question: Deficient Evidence and Mistaken Diagnosis

A tale of two cities: restoring water services in Kabul and Monrovia

Realising a resilient and sustainable built environment: towards a strategic agenda for the United Kingdom

Environmental Policy and Governance
Exploring the regional politics of ‘sustainability’: making up sustainable communities in the South-East of England

Governing the balance between sustainability and competitiveness in urban planning: the case of the Orestad model

Are you Talking to us? How Subnational Governments Respond to Global Sustainable Development Governance

FOCUS On Geography
A New Bronx Tale: Gateway Center and Modern Urban Redevelopment

The Geographical Journal
Urban–agricultural water appropriation: the Hyderabad, India case

Urbanization and global environmental change: local effects of urban warming

Geographical Review
Suburbanization And Sustainability In Metropolitan Moscow

Geographical Research
Population Growth and Change: Implications for Australia's Cities and Regions

IDS Bulletin
Makeni City Council and the Politics of Co-production in Post-conflict Sierra Leone

The Diverse Housing Needs of Rural to Urban Migrants and Policy Responses in China: Insights from a Survey in Fuzhou

Building a City from Within: Urban Housing Policies in the Municipality of Diadema, São Paulo, Brazil

Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management
Application of life cycle thinking in multidisciplinary multistakeholder contexts for cross-sectoral planning and implementation of sustainable development projects

International Affairs
Emerging powers, North–South relations and global climate politics

International political economy and the environment: back to the basics?

Global environmentalism and the greening of international society

Institutional diffusion in international environmental affairs

Engaging the public and the private in global sustainability governance

Complex global governance and domestic policies: four pathways of influence

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
Towards a ‘Consensual’ Urban Politics? Creative Planning, Urban Sustainability and Regional Development

A Tale of Two Cities: Climate Change Policies in Vancouver and Melbourne — Barometers of Cooperative Federalism?

Public Participation and Local Sustainability: Questioning a Common Agenda in Urban Governance

The Sustainability of a Financialized Urban Megaproject: The Case of Sihlcity in Zurich

Journal of Industrial Ecology
Life Cycle Energy Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Emission of Residential Building Designs in Beijing

Journal of International Development

Environmental issues in the cities of the developing world: The case of Mexico City

Journal of Urban Affairs
Environmental Dimensions Of Urban Change: Uncovering Relict Industrial Waste Sites And Subsequent Land Use Conversions In Portland And New Orleans

The Journal of Wildlife Management
A Conservation Institution for the 21st Century: Implications for State Wildlife Agencies

A stakeholder perspective into wildlife policy in India

New Zealand Geographer
An evaluation of the Wellington Regional Genuine Progress Index

Papers in Regional Science
The impact of urban growth on commuting patterns in a restructuring city: Evidence from Beijing

Regional Science Policy & Practice
Unsustainable cities, a tragedy of urban infrastructure

Governance for sustainable regions: can government meet the innovation policy challenge?

Major sport events and regional development: the case of the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games

Restoration Ecology
Resilience, Restoration, and Riparian Ecosystems: Case Study of a Dryland, Urban River

Rural Sociology
Community Economic Identity: The Coal Industry and Ideology Construction in West Virginia

Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography
Livelihoods and the transformative potential of cities: Challenges of inclusive development in Rustenburg, North West Province, South Africa

Sustainable Development
Contractual and policy challenges to developing ecocities

The social dimension of sustainable development: Defining urban social sustainability

Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers
The ‘missing middle’: class and urban governance in Delhi’s unauthorised colonies

Mobile ‘green’ design knowledge: institutions, bricolage and the relational production of embedded sustainable building designs

WIREs Climate Change
Addressing sustainable development and climate change together using sustainomics

How can urban centers adapt to climate change with ineffective or unrepresentative local governments?

Wildlife Society Bulletin
Envisioning the future of wildlife in a changing climate: Collaborative learning for adaptation planning

Wildlife Monographs
Short-Term Impacts of a 4-Lane Highway on American Black Bears in Eastern North Carolina


Iron Curtains: Gates, Suburbs and Privatization of Space in the Post-socialist City

Capitalism and Conservation

Globalizing Responsibility: The Political Rationalities of Ethical Consumption

Locating Neoliberalism in East Asia: Neoliberalizing Spaces in Developmental States

The New Carbon Economy: Constitution, Governance and Contestation

Sustainable Development in Practice: Case Studies for Engineers and Scientists, 2nd Edition Adisa Azapagic, Slobodan Perdan