Development Studies

Virtual Issue on Environmental Policy

Virtual Issue on Environmental Policy




Farming Flexibility And Food Security Under Climatic Uncertainty: Manang, Nepal Himalaya

Climate Change Impacts on Freshwater Ecosystems: Introduction

The Evolution Of Chinese Policies And Governance Structures On Environment, Energy And Climate

The Drivers And Outcomes Of The Clean Development Mechanism In China

The Clean Development Mechanism In China: Institutional Perspectives On Governance

Global Change and the Terrestrial Biosphere: Climate Change: Ecology's Big Question

The Changing Biosphere: Recent Insights From Paleoenvironmental Science Into Drivers, Mechanisms And Impacts

Model Migrations: Mobility And Boundary Crossings In Regional Climate Prediction

The Asia-Pacific Partnership: Implementation Challenges And Interplay With Kyoto

Climate Policy And Action ‘Underneath’ Kyoto And Copenhagen: China And The United States

A Special Collection of Content on the Economics of Climate Change


Marching Toward A Harmonious Society: Happiness, Regime Satisfaction, And Government Performance In Contemporary Urban China

China’s Environmental Activism In The Age Of Globalization

Northeast Asian Environmentalism: Policies As A Function Of Engos

Privatizing The Commons: Reforming The Ejido And Urban Development In Mexico

Multi-Level Environmentalism And The European Union: The Case Of Trans-European Transport Networks

Working The Socio-Natural Relations Of The Urban Waterscape In South Africa

Governing The Contaminated City: Infrastructure And Sanitation In Colonial And Post-Colonial Bombay

The Antinomies Of The Postpolitical City: In Search Of A Democratic Politics Of Environmental Production

Rising Regional Inequality In China: Policy Regimes And Structural Changes

The Impact Of Urban Growth On Commuting Patterns In A Restructuring City: Evidence From Beijing

The Politics Of Environmental Policy In The People's Republic Of China

Bringing The In-Between Back In: Foreign Policy In Global Environmental Politics

Institutional Reform In Environmental Governance System Of The People's Republic Of China: Service Organizations As An Alternative For Administration Enhancement


Sustainability As Global Attractor: The Greening Of The 2008 Beijing Olympics

Towards An Understanding Of The Political Economy Of The PPCR

Morbidity And Mortality Among Populations Suffering Floods In Hunan, China: The Role Of Socioeconomic Status

Economic Growth And The Environment In Transitional China—An Old Topic With New Perspectives

Land And Urban Economic Growth In China

Restless Urban Landscapes In China: A Case Study Of Three Projects In Shanghai

Broadening Debates On Climate Change Ethics: Beyond Carbon Calculation

Measurement And Alienation: Making A World Of Ecosystem Services


Urbanisation Viewed Through A Geostatistical Lens Applied To Remote-Sensing Data

Social Barriers To Renewable Energy Landscapes

Special Issue: Impacts Of Land Use Change On Climate

The New Land Development Process And Urban Development In Chinese Cities

The Interface Of Globalization And Peripheral Land In The Cities Of The South: Implications For Urban Governance And Local Economic Development

Mixed Land Use And Equity In Water Governance In Peri-Urban Bangkok

Land Development, Inequality And Urban Villages In China

Chinese Land Reform In Long-Run Perspective And In The Wider East Asian Context

Spatial Data Analysis Of Regional Development In Greater Beijing, China, In A GIS Environment

Mixed Methods In Land Change Research: Towards Integration


Poverty Alleviation In The People's Republic Of China: The Implications For Sino–African Cooperation In Poverty Reduction

Visioning For Sustainable Household Practices: Spaces For Sustainability Learning?

Improving The Non-Governmental System Of Outsourcing Labour Regulation In China

A Theory-Based Cellular Automata For The Simulation Of Land-Use Change

Evolutionary Economic Theories Of Sustainable Development

Qualitative Analysis Of Future Flood Risk In The Taihu Basin, China

Environmental And Resource Sustainability Of Chinese Cities: A Review Of Issues, Policies, Practices And Effects

Effects Of Demographic And Retirement-Age Policies On Future Pension Deficits, With An Application To China

Regulating Electrical And Electronic Wastes In China

Environmental Governance Through Information: China And Vietnam

Marine Resource Conservation And Prospects For Environmental Sustainability In Anuta, Solomon Islands

Global Energy Dilemmas: A Geographical Perspective


The Paradoxes Of Environmental Policy And Resource Management In Reform-Era China

Special Issue: ICUC-7 Urban Climate

Purity And Dirt As Social Constructions: Environmental Health In An Urban Shantytown Of Lagos

Trickle-Down Effect: Ideology And The Development Of Premium Water Networks In China’s Cities

Ecological Gentrification: A Research Agenda Exploring Justice In The City

Flood Hydraulics Due To Cascade Landslide Dam Failure

Seasonal Climate Change And The Indoor City Worker

Resilience, Ecology And Adaptation In The Experimental City

Urban Biodiversity and Design: Urban Biodiversity And The Case For Implementing The Convention On Biological Diversity In Towns And Cities