Development Studies

Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture


From Homo economicus to Complex Subjectivities: Reconceptualizing Farmers as Pesticide Users

Ways In and Out of Vulnerability to Climate Change: Abandoning the Mubarak Project in the Northern Nile Delta, Egypt

Is Fish Health Food or Poison? Farmed Fish and the Material Production of Un/Healthy Nature

Farming flexibility and food security under climatic uncertainty: Manang, Nepal Himalaya

Environmental change and adaptation in degraded agro-ecosystems: the case of highland Madagascar

Annals of Anthropological Practice

Agricultural Economics
Agriculture for development: new paradigm and options for success

Asian Economic Policy Review
Association of Southeast Asian Nations Economic Integration: Developments and Challenges

Australian Economic Review
Will India Be the Next China? Challenges, Prospects and Implications for Australia

Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Market access, organic farming and productivity: the effects of Fair Trade affiliation on Thai farmer producer groups

Asian-Pacific Economic Literature
Productivity change and the effects of policy reform in China's agriculture since 1979

Asian Economic Journal
Land Reform and Farm Production in the Northern Uplands of Vietnam

Asia Pacific Viewpoint
Homegardening as a panacea: A case study of South Tarawa Pacific

British Journal of Politics and International Relations
Moratoria in International Politics: A Comparative Analysis of the Moratoria on Genetically Modified Products and Commercial Whaling

Conservation Letters
Mainstreaming ecosystem services through reformed European agricultural policies

China & World Economy
Food Security and Agricultural Changes in the Course of China's Urbanization

Development and Change
Food, Feed, Fuel: Transforming the Competition for Grains

Famines Past, Famine’s Future

Changes in Food Consumption and the Implications for Food Security and Undernourishment: India in the 1990s

Development Policy Review
Developments in National Policies for Food and Nutrition Security in Brazil

Agricultural Exports and Food Insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Qualititative Configurational Analysis

World Food Security: The Impending Crisis?

Food Security in Protracted Crises: Building More Effective Policy Frameworks

Diversity and Distributions
Predicting how adaptation to climate change could affect ecological conservation: secondary impacts of shifting agricultural suitability

Sustainable Value Analysis: Sustainability in a New Light Results of the EU SVAPPAS Project

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
Environmental impact of insecticides applied on biotech soybean crops in relation to the distance from aquatic ecosystems

Making ecosystem reality checks the status quo

Economic Policy
Valuing ecosystem services as productive inputs

Economic Geography
Global Standards, Local Realities: Private Agrifood Governance and the Restructuring of the Kenyan Horticulture Industry

Producing a Modern Agricultural Frontier: Firms and Cooperatives in Eastern Mato Grosso, Brazil

A Tale of Three Tomatoes: The New Food Economy in Toronto, Canada

Economic Review
Food stamps, temporary assistance for needy families and food hardships in three American cities.

Economic Papers
Reconciling the Competing Demands in the Human-Earth System: Ensuring Food Security

Environmental Policy and Governance
Sustainability transitions in transition countries: forest policy reforms in South-eastern Europe

Soil Conservation in Transition Countries: the Role of Institutions

Modelling policies for multifunctional agriculture and rural development – a norwegian case study

Fiscal Studies
Public Policy towards Food Consumption

FOCUS On Geography
Green Dreams: Promoting Urban Agriculture and the Availability of Locally Produced Food in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area

The Geographical Journal
An Obsolete Dichotmoy? Rethinking the rural-urban interface in terms of food security and production in the global south

A quest for sustainability: Brazil nut gatherers of São Francisco do Iratapuru and the Natura Corporation

Global Ecology and Biogeography
Mind the gap: how do climate and agricultural management explain the ‘yield gap’ of croplands around the world?

Geographical Research
The Population Policy Debate from a Natural Resource Perspective: Reflections from the Wentworth Group

IDS Bulletin
Whose Power to Control? Some Reflections on Seed Systems and Food Security in a Changing World

Incorporating Seasonality into Agricultural Project Design and Learning

International Affairs
The changing fortunes of differential treatment in the evolution of international environmental law

Journal of Agrarian Change
Crisis? What Crisis? The Normality of the Current Food Crisis

Global Land Grabbing and Trajectories of Agrarian Change: A Preliminary Analysis

Food Riots: Poverty, Power and Protest

Beyond Industrial Agriculture? Some Questions about Farm Size, Productivity and Sustainability

Journal of Biogeography
Using historical ecology to understand patterns of biodiversity in fragmented agricultural landscapes

Journal of International Development
Urban agriculture and poverty reduction: Evaluating how food production in cities contributes to food security, employment and income in Malawi

Food aid impacts on recipient developing countries: A review of empirical methods and evidence

Natural Resource Modeling

Population and Development Review
Food Security in an Era of Economic Volatility

Sociologia Ruralis
Assessing Sustainability Perspectives in Rural Innovation Projects Using Q-Methodology

Subsistence and Sustainability in Post-industrial Europe: The Politics of Small-scale Farming in Europeanising Lithuania

Sustainable Development
Sustainable development policies and achievements in the context of the agriculture sector in Thailand

Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography
Six decades of agricultural land use change in Bangladesh: Effects on crop diversity, productivity, food availability and the environment, 1948–2006

Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers
The biopolitics of food provisioning

WIREs Climate Change
Farmers fighting climate change—from victims to agents in subsistence livelihoods

Adapting to crop pest and pathogen risks under a changing climate


Crop Adaptation to Climate Change

Food Safety for the 21st Century: Managing HACCP and Food Safety throughout the Global Supply Chain