Development Studies

Most Cited Articles and Rankings

Most Cited Articles and Rankings

This collection features highly cited articles from Wiley’s ISI-ranked Development Studies titles. The research is free through 2015.

African Development Review

2014: Planning & Development 45 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.711

Characteristics and Macroeconomic Determinants of Youth Employment in Africa
John C. Anyanwu

A Review of Nigerian Agricultural Efficiency Literature, 1999-2011: What Does One Learn from Frontier Studies?
K. Ogundari, T. Amos, O. V. Okoruwa

Developing Economies

2014: Planning & Development 54 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.3

Monetary and Nonmonetary Returns to Education in Indonesia
Kitae Sohn

Vunerability of Microfinance to Stratrgic Default and Covariate Shocks: Evidence from Pakistan
Takashi Kurosaki, Hidayat Ullah Khan

Development and Change

2014: Planning & Development 14 / 55
Impact Factor: 1.561

The Contradictory Logic of Global Ecosystem Services Markets
Kathleen McAfee

Global Rebalancing: Crisis and the East-South Turn
Jean Grugel, Pia Riggirozzi

Development Policy Review

2014: Planning & Development 30 / 55
Impact Factor: 1.024

Modern Food Supply Chains and Development: Evidence from Horticulture Export Sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa
Miet Maertens, Bart Minten, Hohan Swinnen

Wealth, Rights, and Resilience: An Agenda for Governance Reform in Small-scale Fisheries
Blake D. Ratner, Edward H. Allison


2014: Planning & Development 44 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.742

Social, not physical, infrastructure: the critical role of civil society after the 1923 Tokyo earthquake
Daniel P. Aldrich

Coping strategies and risk manageability: using participatory geographical information systems to represent local knowledge
Graciela Peters-Guarin, Michael K, McCall, Cees van Westen

Growth and Change

2014: Planning & Development 47 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.642

A Creative Industry in Transition: The Rise of Digitally Driven Independent Music Production
Brian J. Hracs

Regional Innovation Patterns and the EU Regional Policy Reform: Toward Smart Innovation Policies
Roberto Camagni, Roberto Capello

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research2014: Planning & Development 13 / 55
Impact Factor: 1.672

Urban shrinkage in Germany and the USA: A Comparison of Transformation Patterns and Local Strategies
Thorsten Wiechmann, Karina M. Pallagst

Shrinking Cities: Urban Challenges of Globalization
Cristina Martinez-Fernandez, Ivonne Audirac, Sylvie Fol, Emmanuele Cunningham-Sabot

Journal of Agrarian Change

2014: Planning & Development 8 / 55
Impact Factor: 2.034

Global Land Grabbing and Trajectories of Agrarian Change: A Preliminary Analysis
Saturnino M. Borras, Jr., Jennifer C. Franco

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the Making of a Market for 'Sustainable Fish'
Stefano Ponte

Journal of International Development

2014: Planning & Development 48 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.622

Challenges for Community-Based Adaption: Discovering the Potetial for Transformation
David Dodman, Diana Mitlin

How does the development of the life insurance market affect economic growth? Some international evidence
Pei-Fen Chen, Chien-Chiang Lee, Chi-Feng Lee

Journal of Regional Science

2014: Planning & Development 7 / 55
Impact Factor: 2.042

The Case for Regional Development Intervention: Place-Based Versus Place-Neutral Approaches
Fabrizio Barca, Philip McCann, Andres Rodriguez-Pose

Where is The Economics in Spatial Econometrics?
Luisa Corrado, Bernard Fingleton

Public Administration and Development

2014: Planning & Development 36 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.915

The Political Economy of Green Growth: Cases from Southern Africa
Danielle Resnick, Finn Tarp, James Thurlow

A Charter Moment: Restructuring Governance for Sustainability
Norichika Kanie, Michele M. Betsill, Ruben Zondervan, Frank Biermann, Oran R. Young

Review of Development Economics

2014: Planning & Development 49 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.5

Climate Change, Growth and Infrastructure Investment: The Case of Mozambique
Channing Arndt, Paul Chinowsky, Kenneth Strzepek

Climate Change and Roads: A Dynamic Stressor-Response Model
Sherman Robinson, Dirk Willenbockel, Kenneth Strzepek

Social Policy & Administration

2014: Planning & Development 39 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.854

Beyond Rhetorical Differences: A Cohesive Account of Post-devolution Developments in UK Health Policy
Katherine Smith, Mark Hellowell

Root and Branch Restructuring to Achieve Major Cuts: The Social Policy Programme of the 2010 UK Coalition Government
Peter Taylor-Gooby

Sustainable Development

2014: Planning & Development 21 / 55
Impact Factor: 1.242

Sustainability Assessment in the Construction Sector: Rating Systems and Rated Buildings
Charlie Cooper

The Primacy of Climate Change for Sustainable International Tourism
Michael C. Hall, Daniel Scott, Stefan Gossling

Also of Interest

International Migration

2014:Demography 17 / 25
Impact Factor: 0.679

The Migration and Development Pendulum: A Critical View on Research and Policy
Hein de Haas

Nigerians in China: A Second State of Immobility
Heidi Ostbo Haugen

International Migration Review

2014: Demography 15 / 25
Impact Factor: 1.033

Pathways to El Norte: Origins, Destinations, and Characteristics of Mexican Migrants to the United States
Fernando Riosmena, Douglas S. Massey

Unauthorized Immigration to the United States: Annual Estimates and Components of Change, by State, 1990 to 2010
Robert Warren, John Robert Warren

Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

2014: Demography 2 / 25
Impact Factor: 2.399

Young Adults' Contraceptive Knowledge, Norms and Attitudes: Associations with Risk Of Unintended Pregnancy
Jennifer Frost, Laura Duberstein Laidberg, Lawrence B. Finer

Contraceptive Features Preferred by Women At High Risk of Unintended Pregnancy
Lauren N. Lessard, Deborah Karasek, Sandi Ma, Philip Darney, Julianna Deardorff, Maureen Lahiff, Dan Grossman, Diana Greene Foster

Population and Development

2014: Demography 6 / 25
Impact Factor: 1.667

The Latin American Cohabitation Boom, 1970-2007
Albert Esteve, Ron Lesthaeghe, Antonio Lopez-Gay

Unintended Consequences of US Immigration Policy: Explaining the Post-1965 Surge from Latin America
Douglas Masssey, Karen A. Pren

Population, Space and Place

2014: Demography 5 / 25
Impact Factor: 1.781

Heterolocal Identities? Counter-Urbanisation, Second Homes, and Rural Consumption in the Era of Mobilities
Keith Halfacree

Geography and Migration Studies: Retrospect and Prospect
Russell King

Studies in Family Planning

(Studies in Family Planning) 2014: Demography 10 / 25
Impact Factor: 1.34

Effects of Birth Spacing on Maternal, Perinatal, Infant, and Child Health: A Systematic Review of Causal Mechanisms
Agustin Conde-Agudelo, Anyeli Rosas-Bermudez, Fabio Castano, Maureen H> Norton

Women's Sexual Empowerment and Contraceptive Use in Ghana
Halley P. Crissman, Richard M. Adanu, Siobhan D. Harlow

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