Development Studies

Most Cited Articles and Rankings

Most Cited Articles and Rankings

This collection features highly cited articles from Wiley’s ISI-ranked Development Studies titles. The research is free through 2014.

African Development Review

2013: Planning & Development 42 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.633

Post-crisis Monetary Policy Framework in sub-Saharan Africa
Louis Kasekende, Martin Brownbridge

Financial Sector Reforms, Bank Performance and Economic Growth: Evidence from Zambia
Abraham Mwenda, Noah Mutoti

Developing Economies

2013: Planning & Development 53 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.323

Firm Productivity and Investment Climate in Developing Countries: How Does Middle East and North Africa Manufacturing Perform?
Tidiane Kinda, Patrick Plane, Marie-Ange Veganzones-Varoudakis

Market Development and the Rise and Fall of Backyard Hog Production in China
Fangbin Qiao, Jing Chen, Colin Carter, Jikun Huang and Scott Rozelle

Development and Change

2013: Planning & Development 18 / 55
Impact Factor: 1.448

The MDG Story: Intention Denied
Jan Vandemoortele

Global Rebalancing: Crisis and the East-South Turn
Jan Nederveen Pieterse

Development Policy Review

2013: Planning & Development 33 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.861

From Commoditisation to De-commoditisation ... and Back Again: Discussing the Role of Sustainability Standards for Agricultural Products
Benoit Daviron, Isabelle Vagneron

The Millennium Development Goals: Key Current Issues and Challenges
Michael Chibba


2013: Planning & Development 26 / 55
Impact Factor: 1.023

Extreme weather events and related disasters in the Philippines, 2004-08: a sign of what climate change will mean?
Graciano P. Yumul Jr., Nathaniel A. Cruz, Nathaniel T. Servando, Carla B. Dimalanta

'You fix my community, you have fixed my life': the disruption and rebuilding of ontological security in New Orleans
Robert L. Hawkins, Katherine Maurer

Growth and Change

2013: Planning & Development 47 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.558

A Creative Industry in Transition: The Rise of Digitally Driven Independent Music Production
Brian J. Hracs

Do Entrepreneurs Enhance Economic Growth in Lagging Regions?
Heather M. Stephens, Mark D. Partridge

IDS Bulletin

2013: Planning & Development 52 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.35

Forest Voices: Competing Narratives over REDD
Rocio Hiraldo, Thomas Tanner

Towards a Theory of Local Governance and Public Goods Provision
David Booth

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

2013: Planning & Development 12 / 55
Impact Factor: 1.625

Cities in a World of Cities: The Comparative Gesture
Jennifer Robinson

Slumdog Cities: Rethinking Subaltern Urbanism
Ananya Roy

Journal of Agrarian Change

2013: Planning & Development 4 / 55
Impact Factor: 2.302

Global Land Grabbing and Trajectories of Agrarian Change: A Preliminary Analysis
Saturnino M. Borras, Jr., Jennifer C. Franco

The Political Economy and Ecology of Capture Fisheries: Market Dynamics, Resource Access and Relations of Exploitation and Resistance
Liam Campling, Elizabeth Havice, Penny McCall Howard

Journal of International Development

2013: Planning & Development 40 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.669

More Actors, More Money, More Ideas for International Development Co-Operation
Felix Zimmermann, Kimberly Smith

Why Can't We All Just Get Along? The Practical Limits to International Development Cooperation
Laurence Chandy, Homi Kharas

Journal of Regional Science

2013: Planning & Development 8 / 55
Impact Factor: 2.026

The Case for Regional Development Intervention: Place-Based Versus Place-Neutral Approaches
Fabrizio Barca, Philip McCann, Andres Rodriguez-Pose

Where is The Economics in Spatial Econometrics?
Luisa Corrado, Bernard Fingleton

Public Administration and Development

2013: Planning & Development 34 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.815

Public-Private Partnerships: Perspectives on Purposes, Publicness, and Good Governance
Derick W. Brinkerhoff, Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff

A Charter Moment: Restructuring Governance for Sustainability
Norichika Kanie, Michele M. Betsill, Ruben Zondervan, Frank Biermann, Oran R. Young

Review of Development Economics

2013: Planning & Development 49 / 55
Impact Factor: 0.5

Institutions and the Relation between Corruption and Economic Growth
Albert de Vaal, Wouter Ebben

Political and Fiscal Risk Determinants of Sovereign Spreads in Emerging Markets
Emanuele Baldacci, Sanjeev Gupta, Amine Mati

Social Policy & Administration

2012: Planning & Development 21 / 55
Impact Factor: 1.143

An Audit of the Welfare Modelling Business
Martin Powell, Armando Barrientos

Root and Branch Restructuring to Achieve Major Cuts: The Social Policy Programme of the 2010 UK Coalition Government
Peter Taylor-Gooby

Sustainable Development

2012: Planning & Development 11 / 55
Impact Factor: 1.692

The Social Dimension of Sustainable Development: Defining Urban Social Sustainability
Nicola Dempsey, Glen Bramley, Sinéad Power, Caroline Brown

A Socio-metabolic Transition towards Sustainability? Challenges for Another Great Transformation
Helmut Haberl, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Fridolin Krausmann, Joan Martinez-Alier, Verena Winiwarter