Development Studies

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Most Read Articles

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Africa Research Bulletin: Economic, Financial and Technical Series 

Africa Research Bulletin: Political, Social and Cultural Series
Ethiopa: New Ministers

African Development Review
Aid Effectiveness in Africa
John Loxley, Harry A. Sackey

Follow the Thing: Papaya
Ian Cook

Asian Economic Journal
Multinationals, Institutions and Economic Growth in China
Yi Che, Danny T. Wang

Bulletin of Latin American Research
Twenty-First Century Socialism? The Elusive Search for a Post-Neoliberal Development Model in Bolivia and Ecuador
Amy Kennemore, Gregory Weeks

Business Strategy and the Environment
Sustainable entrepreneurship and sustainability innovation: categories and interactions
Stefan Schaltegger, Marcus Wagner

China & World Economy
The Failure of Macroeconomics in America
Joseph Stiglitz

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management
How corporate social responsibility is defined: an analysis of 37 definitions
Alexander Dahlsrud

Development and Change
The World City Hypothesis
John Friedmann

Development Policy Review
The Impact of Transparency and Accountability Initiatives
John Gaventa, Rosemary McGee

The concept of resilience revisited
Siambabala Bernard Manyena

Environmental Policy and Governance
Environmental governance: participatory, multi-level – and effective?
Jens Newig and Oliver Fritsch

Focus on Geography
Beyond ABBA: The Globalization of Swedish Popular Music
Ola Johansson

Geographical Analysis
GeoDa: An Introduction to Spatial Data Analysis
Luc Anselin, Ibnu Syabri and Youngihn Kho

Geographical Review
The “Pristine Myth” Revisited
William M. Denvan

Growth and Change
Evaluating the Importance of Business Location Factors: The Influence of Facility Type
Shelley M. Kimelberg, Elizabeth Williams

International Migration
Describing the Unobserved: Methodological Challenges in Empirical Studies on Human Trafficking
Guri Tyldum, Anette Brunovskis

International Migration Review
Unauthorized Immigration to the United States: Annual Estimates and Components of Change, by State, 1990 to 2010
Robert Warren, John Robert Warren

Journal of Agrarian Change
Global Land Grabbing and Trajectories of Agrarian Change: A Preliminary Analysis
Saturnino M. Borras Jr, Jennifer C. Franco

Journal of International Development
HIV/AIDS policy in Africa: what has worked in Uganda and what has failed in Botswana?
Tim Allen, Suzette Heald

Journal of Regional Science
The Magnitude and Causes of Agglomeration Economies
Diego Puga

Journal of Urban Affairs
Social and Ethnic Segregation in Europe: Levels, Causes, and Effects
Sako Musterd

Natural Resources Forum
Climate change and sustainable development
Tariq Banuri

Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Abortion Incidence and Access to Services In the United States, 2008
Rachel K. Jones, Kathryn Kooistra

Population and Development Review
Population, Policy, and Politics: How Will History Judge China's One-Child Policy?
Wang Feng, Yong Cai, and Baochang G

Population, Space and Place
Geography and Migration Studies: Retrospect and Prospect
Russell King

Public Administration and Development
Public–Private Partnerships: Perspectives on Purposes, Publicness, and Good Governance
Derick W. Brinkerhoff, Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff

Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies
Globalization and Stages of Development: An Exploratory Analysis
Rashmi Umesh Arora

Studies in Family Planning
Ethiopia: An Emerging Family Planning Success Story
David J. Olson, Andrew Piller

Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development: Mapping Different Approaches
Bill Hopwood, Mary Mellor, Geoff O'Brien

The Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien
Mapping International Flows of Electronic Waste
Josh Lepawsky, Chris McNabb

The Developing Economies
Criticism of Rostow's Stage Approach: The Concepts of Stage, System and Type
Yoichi Itagaki