Development Studies



Australian Economic Review
Renewable Resource Economics

Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Marine protected areas in spatial property-rights fisheries

Asia Pacific Viewpoint
New Polynesian Triangle: Rethinking Polynesian migration and development in the Pacific

The British Journal of Sociology
The meaning of poverty

The Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien
Shifting perspectives on shifting ice: documenting and representing Inuit use of the sea ice

Conservation Letters
Incorporating local tenure in the systematic design of marine protected area networks

Conservation Biology
Achieving Coherent Policies for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Marine Ecosystems

Global Cooperation among Diverse Organizations to Reduce Illegal Fishing in the Southern Ocean

Conservation of Deep Pelagic Biodiversity

Developing an Ocean Ethic: Science, Utility, Aesthetics, Self-Interest, and Different Ways of Knowing

Development and Change
The Tragedy of the Commodity and the Farce of AquAdvantage Salmon

The House that Poison Built: Customary Marine Property Rights and the Live Food Fish Trade in the Kei Islands, Southeast Maluku

Development Policy Review
Not by Rent Alone: Analysing the Pro-poor Functions of Small-Scale Fisheries in Developing Countries

The Vulnerability of Small Island States to Sea Level Rise: The Need for Holistic Strategies

FOCUS on Geography
In Defense of an Island: Kojima’s Fight Against the Sea

The Geographical Journal
The Deepwater Horizon, the Mavi Marmaraand the dynamic zonation of ocean space

Geographical Research
Beach Morphodynamics in Australia 1970s–2010

Journal of Agrarian Change
The Commodification of Bluefin Tuna: The Historical Transformation of the Mediterranean Fishery

The Tuna ‘Commodity Frontier’: Business Strategies and Environment in the Industrial Tuna Fisheries of the Western Indian Ocean

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the Making of a Market for ‘Sustainable Fish’

Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography
Marine resource conservation and prospects for environmental sustainability in Anuta, Solomon Islands

WIREs Climate Change
Effects of instrumentation changes on sea surface temperature measured in situ

Sea level and climate: measurements and causes of changes


Biological Oceanography, 2nd Edition