Development Studies



Applying the Strategic-Relational Approach to Urban Political Ecology: The Water Management Problems of the Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Human Right to Water: Contemporary Challenges and Contours of a Global Debate

Participation and Passive Revolution: The Reproduction of Neoliberal Water Governance Mechanisms in Durban, South Africa

Small water bodies in Bangladesh

Agricultural Economics
Soil and water conservation technologies: a buffer against production risk in the face of climate change? Insights from the Nile basin in Ethiopia

Asian Economic Policy Review
Multi-level Governance and Global Climate Change in East Asia

Asia Pacific Viewpoint
Urban water supply and local neoliberalism in Tagbilaran City, the Philippines

Australian Economic Review
Allocating Limited Water

Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Household size and residential water demand: an empirical approach

Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics
Balancing Bio-Energy Cropping Benefits and Water Quality Impacts: A Dynamic Optimization Approach

Development and Change
The Politics of Disciplining Water Rights

The Politics of Assessment: Water and Sanitation MDGs in the Middle East

Development Policy Review
Politics, Plurality and Problemsheds: A Strategic Approach for Reform of Agricultural Water Resources Management

Privatisation Results: Private Sector Participation in Water Services After 15 Years

Access to Water in the Slums of Sub-Saharan Africa

A comparative analysis of water provision in Jour Thai refugee camps

The Developing Economies
Effects of improving infrastructure quality on business costs: evidence from firm-level data in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Economic Papers
Workshop on water

The Economic Impact of Increased Water Demand in Australia: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis

Economic Record
An Econometric Assessment of Pricing Sydney’s Residential Water Use

The Geographical Journal
Water demand management in Yemen and Jordan: addressing power and interests

Balancing urban and peri-urban exchange: water geography of rural livelihoods in Mexico

Geografiska Annaler Series A: Physical Geography

Geographical Research
Rainwater Tank Households: Water Savers or Water Users?

Ground Water
Sea Water Intrusion by Sea-Level Rise: Scenarios for the 21st Century

Linking MODFLOW with an Agent-Based Land-Use Model to Support Decision Making

Ground WaterMonitoring & Remediation

Artesian Treatment Vessels: A Sustainable In Situ Remediation System

New EPA Drinking Water Strategy

Journal of the American Water Resources Association
Pragmatic Approaches for Water Management Under Climate Change Uncertainty

Delving into the “Institutional Black Box”: Revealing the Attributes of Sustainable Urban Water Management Regimes

IDS Bulletin
Barriers and Opportunities for Sanitation and Water for All, as Envisaged by the New Delhi Statement

Needs, Rights and Responsibilities in Water Governance: Some Reflections

Japanese Economic Review
Panel data analysis of Japanese residential water demand using a discrete/continuous choice approach

Journal of International Development

Public–public partnerships in Urban water provision: The case of Dar es Salaam Journal of International Development

Natural Resource Modeling
Economics and the Modeling of Water Resources and Policies

Pacific Economic Review
Song China's water transport revisited: a study of the 1077 commercial tax data

Risk Analysis
Water Pollution Risk Associated with Natural Gas Extraction from the Marcellus Shale

Risk Management in a Developing Country Context: Improving Decisions About Point-of-Use Water Treatment Among the Rural Poor in Africa

Ecological, Groundwater, and Human Health Risk Assessment in a Mining Region of Nicaragua

Bayesian Network for Risk of Diarrhea Associated with the Use of Recycled Water

Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography
Competing rationalities in water conflict: Mining and the indigenous community in Chiu Chiu, El Loa Province, northern Chile

Sustainable Development
A method to develop sustainable water management strategies for an uncertain future

A method to explore social response for sustainable water management strategies under changing conditions

WIREs Climate Change
Adapting to drought in the Sahel: Lessons for climate change

Drought under global warming: a review


Arsenic Pollution

Water and Sanitation Related Diseases and the Environment: Challenges, Interventions and Preventive Measures

Drought and Aquatic Ecosystems: Effects and Responses