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AGU Journal iPad Apps

AGU Journal iPad Apps

Announcing ALL NEW iPad and iPhone apps for AGU journals!

   AGU   Available on the App Store

Leading journals from the American Geophysical Union are now available on your iPad. Click the links below to learn more and download now.

Journal of Geophysical Research apps:   

Enjoy an entirely new browsing and reading experience, and keep up to date with the most important developments in the geosciences:

  • Stay current with the latest articles through Early View – updated almost daily.
  • Access content anywhere, as long as the app is periodically synched to a subscription.
  • Be notified when a new issue is available.
  • Download articles and issues for offline perusal.
  • Save your favorite articles for quick and easy access.
  • Share articles with colleagues or students.

A subscription is required to access most full-text content. If you already access through a personal member subscription or your institution on Wiley Online Library, you can get access to full-text content on your device at no extra cost. An attractively priced iTunes subscription is also available.