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Royal Meteorological Society Publications

Royal Meteorological Society Publications

Advancing Weather and Climate Science Book Series

Wiley's book publishing in Meteorology and Climatology continues to expand and provides insightful and important information on the subject. For more information on books within Meteorology and Climatology, click here . We are particularly proud of our Advancing Weather and Climate Science book series, published in collaboration with the prestigious Royal Meteorological Society.

The Royal Meteorological Society journals

Geoscience Data Journal

Geoscience Data Journal provides an Open Access platform where scientific data can be formally published, in a way that includes scientific peer-review. Thus the dataset creator attains full credit for their efforts, while also improving the scientific record, providing version control for the community and allowing major datasets to be fully described, cited and discovered.

An online-only journal, GDJ publishes short data papers cross-linked to – and citing – datasets that have been deposited in approved data centres and awarded DOIs. The journal will also accept articles on data services, and articles which support and inform data publishing best practices. Data is at the heart of science and scientific endeavour.

The curation of data and the science associated with it is as important as ever in our understanding of the changing earth system and thereby enabling us to make future predictions. Geoscience Data Journal is working with recognised Data Centres across the globe to develop the future strategy for data publication, the recognition of the value of data and the communication and exploitation of data to the wider science and stakeholder communities. .

Atmospheric Science Letters

International Journal of Climatology

Meteorological Applications

The Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society


The Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) is a world-leading professional and learned society in the field of meteorology. Based in the UK, it encourages and facilitates collaboration with organisations that are active in earth science. It serves its professional and amateur members and the wider community by undertaking activities that support the advancement of meteorological science, its applications and understanding.

The Royal Meteorological Society has a portfolio of four highly respected journals and a membership magazine, all of which are available on subscription to institutions and individuals.

 Atmospheric Science Letters

 Atmospheric Science Letters

Online only journal

International Journal of Climatology International Journal of Climatology
 Meteorological Applications Meteorological Applications
 Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
 Weather Weather

Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change

Climate change has become one of the most visible phenomena in the world today, recognized through the changes occurring to physical climates, natural and managed environments and social organizations, and also through deliberations about ethical responsibility and public policy.

Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change offers a unique platform for exploring current and emerging knowledge from the many disciplines that contribute to our understanding of this phenomenon – environmental history, the humanities, physical and life sciences, social sciences, engineering and economics.

WIREs Climate Change has been developed in association with the Royal Meteorological Society and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) in the UK and provides an important new encyclopedic reference for climate change scholarship and research. It also acts as a forum for gaining a wider set of perspectives about how climate change is understood, analyzed and contested around the world. WIREs Climate Change is now indexed by Thomson Reuters/ISI.

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