31st IUBS

The 31st IUBS General Assembly and Conference on Biological Sciences and Bioindustry will be held in July 2012 at Suzhou, China. Please read our Virtual Issue from Wiley-Blackwell journals and book relevant to the conference.


Tao SangHighlight from Prof. Tao Sang, Department of Plant Biology, Michigan State University, (E-mail: Large-scale, sustainable production of biofuel feedstock requires the development of energy crops capable of growing on marginal land. A theoretical framework for energy crop domestication was outlined especially through comparison with food crop domestication. A unit process-based life cycle assessment suggested that there was no basis for discriminating between scales of stationary bioenergy plants in terms of environmental performance. Thus, policy mechanisms should be targeted equally at all scales of heat and power plants. A series of studies reviewed and investigated mechanisms of how wood-feeding insects digest structural and recalcitrant lignocelluloses. Efforts along this line should advance biofuel processing technologies.

IUBS Virtual Issue – Bioenergy (More articles for further reading)

Journal of Integrative Plant Biology
free logoToward the Domestication of Lignocellulosic Energy Crops: Learning from Food Crop Domestication
Tao Sang
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology
In this article, the author attempts to develop a conceptual framework for lignocellulosic energy crop domestication. The growing knowledge about crop domestication coupled with advances in breeding techniques and biotechnology can considerably accelerate and optimize energy crop domestication to meet our current and future energy needs.
Journal of Industrial Ecology
free logoLife Cycle Assessment of Biomass-based Combined Heat and Power Plants
Geoffrey Guest, Ryan M. Bright, Francesco Cherubini, Ottar Michelsen, Anders Hammer Strømman
Journal of Industrial Ecology
Norway, like many countries, has realized the need to extensively plan its renewable energy future sooner rather than later. This article concludes, among other facts likely to prove useful to many nations, that an optimal small-scale CHP plant may be the best environmental option.
GCB Bioenergy
free logoFood vs. fuel: the use of land for lignocellulosic ‘next generation’ energy crops that minimize competition with primary food production
John Valentine, John Clifton-Brown, Astley Hastings, Paul Robson, Gordon Allison, Pete Smith
GCB Bioenergy
FEMS Yeast Research
free logoEnergy coupling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: selected opportunities for metabolic engineering
Stefan de Kok, Barbara U. Kozak, Jack T. Pronk and Antonius J.A. van Maris
FEMS Yeast Research

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 Global Environmental 

Global Environmental Issues, 2nd Edition Edited by Frances Harris ISBN: 978-0-470-68469-6 (Read Sample Chapter)