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 Digital Literacies: An IRA Cross-Journal Virtual Issue

Digital literacies are practices related to critically navigating, evaluating and creating texts using a range of digital technologies. Oftentimes, digital literacies draw upon foundational forms of literacy.

Digital literacies enable students to communicate effectively in digital media environments, as well as to comprehend the ever-changing digital landscape.

The editors of The Reading Teacher, Reading Research Quarterly, and Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy have carefully selected the articles below for their impact on literacy scholarship and practice.

 Reading Research Quarterly

Reading Research Quarterly (RRQ)

Articles selected by Editors Susan B. Neuman and Linda B. Gambrell (Vols. 47-48, October 2012-July 2013)

Effects of Educational Technology Applications on Reading Outcomes for Struggling Readers: A Best-Evidence Synthesis
Alan C.K. Cheung, Robert E. Slavin

Comprehending and Learning From Internet Sources: Processing Patterns of Better and Poorer Learners
Susan R. Goldman, Jason L.G. Braasch, Jennifer Wiley, Arthur C. Graesser, Kamila Brodowinska

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Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy

Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy (JAAL)

Articles selected by Editors Margaret Carmody Hagood and Emily Neil Skinner (Vol 56, March-May 2013)

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Vocabulary Learning on the Internet: Using a Structured Think-Aloud Procedure
Rachel J. Ebner, Linnea C. Ehri 
Set in Stone or Set in Motion?: Multimodal and Digital Writing With Preservice English Teachers
Melanie Hundley, Teri Holbrook 
Using Apps to Support Disciplinary Literacy and Science Learning
Jill Castek, Richard Beach 
Critical Literacy and the Ethical Responsibilities of Student Media Production
Jessica K. Parker 

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 The Reading Teacher

The Reading Teacher (RT)

Articles selected by Editors Diane Barone and Marla Mallette (Vol 66, September 2012 - January 2013)

21st-Century Literacies, Critical Media Pedagogies, and Language Arts
Ernest Morrell

Multimodal Composition and the Common Core State Standards
Bridget Dalton

Visual Representations in Second Graders' Information Book Compositions
Julianne M. Coleman, Linda Golson Bradley, Carol A. Donovan

Blogging as a Means of Crafting Writing
Jan Lacina, Robin Griffith

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