Wiley Education Roundtable Series

Wiley Education Roundtable Series

Wile Education Roundtable Series

The Wiley Roundtable Series in Educational Research brings together key international thinkers from across the discipline to discuss key themes around research and its impact.

Forthcoming: The Third Wiley Roundtable in Educational Research will be held during the AERA conference in April 2013 in San Francisco, USA. Theme to be announced.

April 2012: Second Wiley Roundtable in Educational Research: Putting Research into Practice, Vancouver, Canada

The Roundtable held at the AERA 2012 conference - hosted by Wiley’s global Education team - brought together representatives from international journals including:

British Educational Research Journal

British Journal of Educational Psychology

British Journal of Educational Technology

Curriculum Inquiry

Educational Philosophy and Theory

Educational Theory

English in Education

Foreign Language Annals

Journal of Philosophy of Education

The group shared a lively discussion about the relationship between research and practice. It considered why academics write and for whom, how policy and grant-awarding practices affect the nature of research that is being produced and how Editors develop their content for varied readerships.

We were ultimately reminded of the powerful interrelationship between researchers, students, teachers and educational professionals, teacher-educators and policy makers who each, in their own ways, impact profoundly on the work of the others.

September 2011: First Wiley Roundtable in Educational Research: Academic Publishing in the Digital World, Berlin, Germany

The inaugural Roundtable - chaired by Wiley-Blackwell's Commissioning Editor for Education Journals, Rebecca Launchbury - brought together representatives from journals including:

British Educational Research Journal

British Journal of Special Education

Cambridge Journal of Education

International Journal of Art & Design Education

Journal of Philosophy of Education

Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs (JORSEN)

The event provided a dynamic forum for discussion about the ways in which new technologies and online innovation can influence the dissemination, perceived value and use of academic research. We

• Considered what authors, editors and readers want and expect from academic research in an online environment

• Shared experience and ideas about using new technologies and online innovation to enhance published research and publicise it as widely as possible

• Identified opportunities and considered best practice for using online tools to help maximise the impact of research