Food Science & Technology

Food Science & Technology Virtual Issue: China

Food Science & Technology Virtual Issue: China

Virtual Issue China

This collection of articles brings together high quality research on the theme of food science and technology with particular relevance to China.   Browse free articles from Wiley-Blackwell’s food science and technology publications including the Journal of Food Science and the Journal of Food Science and Agriculture.


Journal of Food Science

The Biomimetic Immunoassay Based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymer: A Comprehensive Review of Recent Progress and Future Prospects


Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Oat Beta-Glucan: Its Role in Health Promotion and Prevention of Diseases


International Journal of Food Science and Technology

Chinese Food Science and Technology
In this issue a collection of papers demonstrating the range and depth of Food Research in China is presented. China is a growing powerhouse in the world in many areas of which one is Scientific Research. Food Science is major field in Chinese Research. It is hoped these papers will provide readers with a greater understanding of significance of Chinese Food Science and Technology Studies.


Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

Green tea epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) promotes neural progenitor cell proliferation and sonic hedgehog pathway activation during adult hippocampal neurogenesis


Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

Effects of water-saving superabsorbent polymer on antioxidant enzyme activities and lipid peroxidation in oat (Avena sativa L.) under drought stress


Flavour and Fragrance Journal

Synthesis and characteristic odour of optically active 3-hydroxy-4-phenyl-2-butanone


Journal of Texture Studies

An Examination of the Force Generated from Incisor Penetration into Foods with Different Textural Properties Part I: Experimental Observation



Household food demand by income category: evidence from household survey data in an urban chinese province


European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology

Effects of cold-pressed and vitamin E-enriched flaxseed oils on lipid profile and antioxidant status in high-fat fed rats


Lipid Technology

Frying oil use in China


Journal of Food Processing and Preservation

Effect of Methyl Jasmonate on Pericarp Browning of Postharvest Lychees


Journal of Food Biochemistry

The Purification and Antioxidative Activities in D-Galactose-Induced Aging in Mice of a Water-Solubla Polysaccharide from Cordyceps Gunnii (Berk.) Berk.


Journal of Food Process Engineering

Response Surface Modeling of Listeria Monocytogenes Inactivation on Lettuce Treated with Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water


Journal of Separation Science

A new solid-phase extraction and HPLC method for determination of patulin in apple products and hawthorn juice in China


Journal of the Institute of Brewing

Daqu - A Traditional Chinese Liquor Fermentation Starter



Response surface optimization and characteristics of Indica rice starch-based fat substitute prepared by α-amylase


Journal of Food Quality

Effect of Sugar Level on Physicochemical, Biochemical Characteristics and Proteolysis Properties of Cantonese Sausage During Processing


Biotechnology Journal

Metabolic engineering for the production of clinically important molecules: Omega-3 fatty acids, artemisinin, and taxol


Journal of Food Safety

Development and Clinical Validation of a Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction-Denaturing High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Method for the Identification of Foodborne Diarrheagenic Escherichia Coli  


Journal of Sensory Studies

Consumer Attitudes and Expectations of Ginseng Food Products Assessed by Focus Groups and Conjoint Analysis



Determination of metolcarb in food by capillary electrophoresis immunoassay with a laser-induced fluorescence detector


Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry

Special Issue: Magnetic Resonance in Food: Dealing With Complex Systems


Journal of Mass Spectrometry

Special Issue: Food Chemistry


Engineering in Life Sciences

Bacteriocins from lactic acid bacteria: Microorganisms of potential biotechnological importance for the dairy industry

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