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The Association of Art Historians

Annual AAH Conference and Bookfair
AAH conferences are established, international events that provide a valuable platform for current, interdisciplinary, research and critical debate. Recent conferences have included more than two-hundred academic papers as well as keynote lectures from leading figures within the field.

AAH Book Series
In this distinctive series, developed from special issues of Art History, leading scholars are invited to publish new research on key issues and to reflect on the contemporary concerns in the discipline. Each collection of essays takes a particular theme and the scope is wide: from painting and sculpture to photography and video, urban history and architecture, collecting , and historiography.

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iJADE Special Issue: Design Education

Design Education: International Perspectives and Debates
A Special Issue from the International Journal of Art & Design Education

Wiley-Blackwell is sorry to announce that The Art Book is ceasing publication for 2011. Many thanks to Sue Ward and Gillian Whiteley for all of their hard work over the years.

Check out Art History for the latest original research relating to all aspects of the historical and theoretical study of painting, sculpture, architecture, design and other areas of visual culture.

Books of Interest:

A Companion to Museum StudiesA Companion to Museum Studies
edited by Sharon MacDonald

The Architect's Brain The Architect's Brain: Neuroscience, Creativity, and Architecture
by Harry Francis Mallgrave