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The Association of Art Historians

AAAH Logonnual AAH Conference and Bookfair
AAH conferences are established, international events that provide a valuable platform for current, interdisciplinary, research and critical debate. Recent conferences have included more than two-hundred academic papers as well as keynote lectures from leading figures within the field.

AAH Book Series
In this distinctive series, developed from special issues of Art History, leading scholars are invited to publish new research on key issues and to reflect on the contemporary concerns in the discipline. Each collection of essays takes a particular theme and the scope is wide: from painting and sculpture to photography and video, urban history and architecture, collecting , and historiography.

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News and Announcements

Penny Huntsman is the author of Thinking about Art. The first Art History textbook she has taught A level History of Art for 15 years.

MPenny Huntsmanemories of my own experience as a newly qualified teacher, together with the insight I gained as member of the Association of Art Historians led me to the conclusion that an A-level textbook would go some considerable way to supporting the needs of new teachers, all teachers, who would appreciate the guidance.

The book was written to support teachers and students in their art history courses and to provide everyone with a snappy 'toolbox' to facilitate the reading of any work of art or architecture anywhere, anytime.

It was written with a heartfelt desire to facilitate art history teachers, art and design teachers, every teacher keen to introduce the subject into their schools and colleges. Teaching art history was my job, and I was very happy to make a small contribution to help support the subject.

Penny Huntsman, Head of History of Art at Farlington School, UK

OThinking about Artrder your copy of Thinking about Art today!