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Food Science & Technology

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Aromatherapy—use of fragrances and essential oils as medicaments
Flavour and Fragrance

Milk fat developments
International Journal of Dairy Technology

Partial characterization of the in situ activity of pectinesterase in Bramley apple
International Journal of Food Science and Technology

Glucoamylases: microbial sources, industrial applications and molecular biology — a review
Journal of Food Biochemistry

Microalgae as a source of fatty acids
Journal of Food Lipids

Micronization and encapsulation of functional pigments using supercritical carbon dioxide
Journal of Food Process Engineering

Microencapsulation and functional bioactive foods
Journal of Food Processing & Preservation

Food irradiation: benefits and concerns
Journal of Food Quality

Antimicrobial effects of spices
Journal of Food Safety

Sugar and Fat Effects on Sensory Properties of Ice Cream
Journal of Food Science

Healthfulness and nutritional quality of fresh versus processed fruits and vegetables: a review
Journal of Foodservice

Bioluminescence and the food industry
Journal of Rapid Methods & Automation in Microbiology

The use of language by trained and untrained experienced wine tasters
Journal of Sensory Studies

Rheology of chocolate
Journal of Texture Studies

Emulsifiers Used in Margarine, Low Calorie Spread, Shortening, Bakery Compound and Filling
Lipid - Fett (currently known as the European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology)

Bioactive peptides derived from milk proteins. Structural, physiological and analytical aspects
Nahrung/Food (currently known as Molecular Nutrition and Food Research)

Technology and applications of edible protective films
Packaging Technology and Science

A Rapid Method for the Analysis of Starch
Starch - Starke

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