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Area: A Journal of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)
Asia Pacific Viewpoint
Bulletin of Latin American Research
City & Community
Diversity and Distributions
Environmental Policy and Governance
Focus on Geography
Geographical Analysis
Geographical Research
Geographical Review
Geography Compass
Global Ecology and Biogeography
Global Networks
Growth and Change
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
International Migration
International Migration Review
Journal of Agrarian Change
Journal of Agricultural Economics
Journal of Biogeography
Journal of Regional Science
New Zealand Geographer
Papers in Regional Science
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Population and Development Review
Population, Space and Place
Regional Science Policy & Practice
Rural Sociology
Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography
The Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien
The Geographical Journal
The Photogrammetric Record
Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie
Transactions in GIS
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change