Teach History with Wiley Blackwell

Teach History with Wiley Blackwell

Teach history with Wiley Blackwell

Wiley Blackwell offers a robust mix of student and reference texts on military history. Combine these top-quality resources to give your students the tools they need to succeed!

Follow the links below for more information on how you can use Wiley texts in your classroom.

Virtual Book Fair

Explore a comprehensive listing of Wiley’s history textbook offerings by topic. You can also browse our content on Wiley.com; start at our History landing page to begin your search.

Custom Texts

Wiley’s CustomSelect program allows professors to combine Wiley textbook and reference content into a book specific for your course. Learn more about CustomSelect at the link above. Can’t find the text you want in the CustomSelect program? We can add most of our content to this program upon request. Email historytrial@wiley.com with any questions, requests, or problems.

Reference in the Classroom

Wiley Blackwell publishes top-quality, peer-reviewed reference books and journals. Help your students succeed by immersing them in top research. Visit our “Reference in the Classroom” page to learn more about how you can integrate our reference resources in your teaching.

Electronic Options

Help your students save money with electronic versions of Wiley textbook content. 74% of students say that they would purchase an electronic textbook if their professor recommends it—so the power is in your hands.

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For High School:Do you teach history at the high school level? Many of our history textbooks are a great fit for advanced and AP high school history courses. Questions? Contact our high school sales team at WileyHSAP@wiley.com.