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TMIH Special Issue on Severe Malaria

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Vaccinology: An Essential Guide

Vaccinology: An Essential Guide, by Gregg N. Milligan and Alan D.T. Barrett, outlines in a clear, practical format the entire vaccine development process, from conceptualization and basic immunological principles through to clinical testing and licensing of vaccines. It is the perfect tool designed for undergraduate and graduate microbiologists and immunologists, as well as residents, fellows and trainees of infectious disease and vaccinology

New edition of Textbook of Influenza

Concepts and Methods in Infectious Disease Surveillance, by Nkuchia M. M'ikanatha and John Iskander, is a comprehensive This comprehensive new book covers major topics at an introductory to intermediate level, and an excellent resource for instructors.

Evidence-Based Neonatal Infections

Evidence-Based Neonatal Infections , by David Isaacs, critically analyses the evidence for decision making in neonatal infections, and is designed to help the clinician with day-to-day decisions on the care of newborn babies with possible, probable or proven infections.

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