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New edition of Textbook of Influenza

Textbook of Influenza, 2nd Edition, by Robert G. Webster, Arnold S. Monto, Thomas J. Braciale and Robert A. Lamb, is a comprehensive resource covering all aspects of influenza, presenting a complete historical and clinical background, describing all aspects of its development, from the genetic and molecular biology of the virus through to clinical aspects of the disease and the latest drug developments and treatments.

New edition of Infectious Disease Surveillance

Infectious Disease Surveillance, 2nd Edition, by Nkuchia M. M'ikanatha, Ruth Lynfield, Chris A. Van Beneden and Henriette de Valk, is for frontline public health practitioners, epidemiologists, and clinical microbiologists who are engaged in communicable disease control. It is also a foundational text for trainees in public health, applied epidemiology, postgraduate medicine and nursing programs.

New edition of Identification of Pathogenic Fungi

Identification of Pathogenic Fungi, 2nd Edition, by Colin K. Campbell, Elizabeth M. Johnson and David W. Warnock, assists in the identification of over 100 of the most significant organisms of medical importance. Each chapter is arranged so that the descriptions for similar organisms may be found on adjacent pages. Differential diagnosis details are given for each organism on the basis of both colonial appearance and microscopic characteristics for the organisms described.

New edition of Russell, Hugo and Ayliffe's Principles and Practice of Disinfection, Preservation and Sterilization

Russell, Hugo and Ayliffe's Principles and Practice of Disinfection, Preservation and Sterilization, 5th Edition, edited by Adam Fraise, Jean-Yves Maillard and Syed Sattar, is an established and highly respected text - it is THE definitive reference in its field.

New edition of Principles and Practice of Travel Medicine

Principles and Practice of Travel Medicine, 2nd Edition, edited by Jane N. Zuckerman, is a comprehensive textbook and essential reading for all those involved in advising travellers. This invaluable resource for study and reference has been extensively updated to provide a comprehensive description of travel medicine to support the clinical practice of travel medicine.

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