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Journal of the American Ceramic Society

FreeChallenges in Ceramic Science: A Report from the Workshop on Emerging Research Areas in Ceramic Science
Gregory S. Rohrer, Mario Affatigato, Monika Backhaus, Rajendra K. Bordia, Helen M. Chan, et al.

FreeCeramic Dusting Corrosion of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia in Ultra High Temperature Reverse-Flow Pyrolysis Reactors
ChangMin Chun, Sanket Desai, Frank Hershkowitz, and Trikur A. Ramanarayanan

FreeCorrosion- and Damage-Resistant Nitride Coatings for Steel
Mohammad Shoeb Ahmed, Paul Munroe, Zhong-Tao Jiang, Xiaoli Zhao, Magdalena Wajrak, Hua Guo, William Rickard, and Zonghan Xie

FreeDeveloping Interfacial Phase Diagrams for Applications in Activated Sintering and Beyond: Current Status and Future Directions
Jian Luo

FreePreparation of Porous Glass Monoliths with an Aligned Pore System via Stretch Forming
Andrei Barascu, Jens Kullmann, Bjoern Reinhardt, Thomas Rainer, Hans Roggendorf, Manfred Dubiel, and Dirk Enke

FreeSintering of 3D-Printed Glass/HAp Composites
Alexander Winkel,Robert Meszaros, Stefan Reinsch, Ralf Müller, Nahum Travitzky, Tobias Fey,Peter Greil, and Lothar Wondraczek

FreeExperimental Approaches to the Thermodynamics of Ceramics Above 1500°C
Sergey V. Ushakov and Alexandra Navrotsky

FreeDirect Multi-Scale Modeling of Sintering
Andrey Maximenko, Andrey Kuzmov, Evgeny Grigoryev, and Eugene Olevsky

FreeFerroelectric PbTiO3 Nanodots Shattered Using Atomic Force Microscopy
Jong Yeog Son, and Inhwa Jung

FreeMetal Oxides Mono-Dimensional Nanostructures for Gas Sensing and Light Emission
Caterina Soldano, Elisabetta Comini, Camilla Baratto, Matteo Ferroni, Guido Faglia, and Giorgio Sberveglieri

International Journal of Applied Glass Science

FreeThe Fracture of Glass: Past, Present, and Future
Stephen Freiman

FreeMagnesium-Containing Bioactive Glasses for Biomedical Applications
Mani Diba, Felipe Tapia, and Aldo R. Boccaccini

FreeFinite Element Calculation of Refractive Index in Optical Glass Undergoing Viscous Relaxation and Analysis of the Effects of Cooling Rate and Material Properties
Lijuan Su

FreeGlass Fiber-Reinforced Composites: From Formulation to Application
Joy M. Stickel and Mala Nagarajan

FreeSynthesis and Structural Probing of Eu3+ Doped BaYF5 Nano-Crystals in Transparent Oxyfluoride Glass-Ceramics
Kaushik Biswas, Atul D. Sontakke, and Kalyandurg Annapurna

FreeNovel Combined Scratch and Nanoindentation Experiments on Soda-Lime-Silica Glass
Payel Bandyopadhyay, Arjun Dey, and Anoop K. Mukhopadhyay

International Journal Of Applied Ceramic Technology

FreeThe Defeat of Shaped Charge Jets by Explosively Driven Ceramic and Glass Plates
Paul J. Hazell, Trevor Lawrence, Chris Stennett

FreeFabrication and Characterization of Anode-Supported BaIn0.3Ti0.7O2.85 Thin Electrolyte for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Mathilde Rieu1, Pankaj Kumar Patro1, Thibaud Delahaye, Etienne Bouyer

FreeDevelopment of Monolithic YSZ Porous and Dense Layers through Multiple Slip Casting for Ceramic Fuel Cell Applications
Amir Reza Hanifi1, Alyssa Shinbine1, Thomas H. Etsell1, Partha Sarkar

FreeIn Vitro Cytotoxicity of Rare Earth Oxide Nanoparticles for Imaging Applications
Peter E. Petrochenko, Qin Zhang1, Haorong Wang, Ted Sun, Bridget Wildt, Martha W. Betz, Peter L. Goering, Roger J. Narayan

FreeA- and B-Site Modified Perovskite Nanosheets and Their Integrations into High-k Dielectric Thin Films
Minoru Osada, Takayoshi Sasaki

FreePreparation of Monodispersed Mesoporous Silica Spheres with Controllable Particle Size Under an Alkaline Condition
Hong Xu, Yanbao Li, Zhujun Yang, Ying Ding, Chunhua Lu, Dongxu Li, Zhongzi Xu

FreeOxidation of Styrene to Benzaldehyde by Anhydrous Hydrogen Peroxide on γ-Alumina-Supported V2O5 Nanoparticle Catalysts: Optimization Studies Using Response Surface Methodology
Abdul L. Ahmad, Behnam Koohestani, Subhash Bhatia, Seng B. Ooi


The Magic of Ceramics, 2nd Edition

The Magic of Ceramics, 2nd Edition
Chapter 1: Our Constant Companions

David W. Richerson

Glass Ceramic Technology, 2nd Edition

Glass Ceramic Technology, 2nd Edition
FreeChapter 1: Principles of Designing Glass-Ceramic Formation
Wolfram Holand, George H. Beall

Ceramics and Composites Processing Methods

Ceramics and Composites Processing Methods
FreeChapter 1: Sintering: Fundamentals and Practice
Narottam P. Bansal (Editor), Aldo R. Boccaccini (Editor)

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