Materials Science

Major Reference Works

Major Reference Works


Online Reference Works offer a rich compendium of knowledge for students and researchers from academia and industry alike, with many available in both print and online formats.

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Handbook of Liquid CrystalsHandbook of Liquid Crystals

This unrivaled, all-embracing coverage represents the undiluted knowledge on liquid crystals, making the Handbook a must-have wherever liquid crystals are investigated, produced or used, and in institutions where their science and technology is taught.

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CofMCharacterization of Materials

This new second edition with a foreword by condensed-matter physicist, educator, and scientific community leader, Dr. Shirley Jackson,President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI),is thoroughly updated and expanded to cover the field’s many advances over the decade since the first edition appeared.

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CompositesEncyclopedia of Composites

Written by prominent international experts from industry and academia, the Wiley Encyclopedia of Composites, 2nd Edition presents over 265 new and revised articles addressing the new technological advances in properties, processing, formulation, design, analysis, evaluation, manufacture, testing, and reliability of composites.

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pstEncyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology

The Encyclopedia of Polymer Science, 4th Edition, presents over 200 new and updated articles of this venerable online reference, including articles published in the second and third print editions, as well as brand new articles exclusive to the 4th edition.

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ntlsNanotechnologies for the Life Sciences

Combining the two highly acclaimed reference works – Nanotechnology for the Life Science and Nanomaterials for the Life Sciences - this first comprehensive source will give you a unique perspective to the fascinating field where nanoscale materials and living matter meet.

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MSTMaterials Science & Technology

A seminal work and essential reference offering access to a veritable compendium of information covering the most important classes of materials found in industry.

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Handbook of MagnetismHandbook of Magnetism and Advanced Magnetic Materials

The Handbook of Magnetism and Advanced Magnetic Materials provides a state-of-the-art, comprehensive overview of our current understanding of the fundamental properties of magnetically ordered materials, and their use in a wide range of sophisticated applications

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