Materials Science

Renewable Energy - Materials Science and Engineering

Renewable Energy - Materials Science and Engineering

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Research titles in materials science, polymers, engineering and physics covering renewable energy sources, solar cells, photovoltaics, wind energy, thermal energy and much more...

 Nanophysics Solar Renewable Energy Wolf

Nanophysics of Solar
and Renewable Energy


 Electric Power Systems
 (available in print or ebook)


Electric Vehicle
Technology Explained


Flexible Solar Cells


Large-Scale Solar
Thermal Power


 Stability and Degradation
of Organic and Polymer
Solar Cells


 Photovoltaics System
Design and Practice


 Physics of Solar Cells


 The Power of Design


 Renewable Energy


 Control of Power Inverters in
Renewable Energy and
Smart Grid Integration


 Principles of Solar Cells,
LEDs and Diodes: The role
of the PN junction


  Polymeric Materials for
Solar Thermal


 Thin Film Solar Cells


Wind Power in
Power Systems

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