Mathematics Articles Written by Chinese Contributors

Mathematics Articles Written by Chinese Contributors

 Mathematics Journals Chinese Authors
Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics
Global well-posedness of classical solutions with large oscillations and vacuum to the three-dimensional isentropic compressible Navier-Stokes equations
Huang, Xiangdi; Li, Jing; Xin, Zhouping

Energy conservative solutions to a one-dimensional full variational wave system
Zhang, Ping; Zheng, Yuxi

Outlier detection of air temperature series data using probabilistic finite state automata-based algorithm
Shen, Jun; Yang, Minhua; Zou, Bin; et al.

Novel Method of Identifying Time Series Based on Network Graphs
Li, Ying; Cao, Hongduo; Tan, Yong

Journal of Combinatorial Designs
A Family of Pandiagonal Bimagic Squares Based on Orthogonal Arrays
Chen, Kejun; Li, Wen; Pan, Fengchu

Resolvable Candelabra Quadruple Systems With Three Groups
Meng, Zhaoping; Du, Beiliang

Journal of Graph Theory

Primitivity and Independent Sets in Direct Products of Vertex-Transitive Graphs
Zhang, Huajun

A Planar linear arboricity conjecture
Cygan, Marek; Hou, Jian-Feng; Kowalik, Lukasz; et al.

Mathematical Logic Quarterly
Fuzzy closure systems on L-ordered sets
Guo, Lankun; Zhang, Guo-Qiang; Li, Qingguo

Complexity and expressive power of second-order extended Horn logic
Feng, Shiguang; Zhao, Xishun

Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences

Pressure regularity criteria of the three-dimensional micropolar fluid flows
Dong, Bo-Qing; Jia, Yan; Chen, Zhi-Min

On the well-posedness for the heat flow of harmonic maps and the hydrodynamic flow of nematic liquid crystals in critical spaces
Lin, Junyu; Ding, Shijin

Mathematische Nachrichten

Relative singularity categories and Gorenstein-projective modules
Chen, Xiao-Wu

Character formulas for restricted simple modules of the special superalgebras
Shu, Bin; Yao, Yu-Feng

Single-Vehicle Scheduling Problems with Release and Service Times on a Line
Yu, Wei; Liu, Zhaohui

The load-distance balancing problem
Bortnikov, Edward; Khuller, Samir; Li, Jian; et al.

Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
Finite Difference Methods and Their Physical Constraints for the Fractional Klein-Kramers Equation
Deng, Weihua; Li, Can

A Two-Level Finite Element Method for the Stationary Navier-Stokes Equations Based on a Stabilized Local Projection
Zhang, Yan; He, Yinnian


Analysis of the coupling effects of the longitudinal and transverse displacements on the deformation and internal forces of functionally graded beams
Pedro Villamil, Chuanzeng Zhang and Weiqiu Chen

Two-dimensional analysis of a crack in quasicrystal materials
Pedro Villamil, Chuanzeng Zhang and Weiqiu Chen

Random Structures and Algorithms

Nonrepetitive List Colourings of Paths
Grytczuk, Jaroslaw; Przybylo, Jakub; Zhu, Xuding

Distribution of subgraphs of random regular graphs
Zhicheng Gao and N.C. Wormald

Studies in Applied Mathematics

Designable Integrability of the Variable Coefficient Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations
He, J.; Li, Y.

New Bilinear Backlund Transformation and Lax Pair for the Supersymmetric Two-Boson Equation
Fan, E.

ZAMM - Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

Exact solution to the antiplane problem of doubly periodic conducting rigid line inclusions of unequal size in piezoelectric materials
Xiao, J. H.; Xu, Y. L.; Jiang, C. P.

Decay estimates for the Brinkman-Forchheimer equations in a semi-infinite pipe
Li, Yuanfei; Liu, Yan; Luo, Shiguang; et al.