Mathematics Articles Written by Indian Contributors

Mathematics Articles Written by Indian Contributors

 Mathematics Journals
Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics

Existence and Nonexistence of TV Bounds for Scalar Conservation Laws with Discontinuous Flux
Adimurthi; Dutta, Rajib; Ghoshal, Shyam Sundar; et al. 

Burger's equation in the quarter plane, a formula for the weak limit
K. T. Joseph


Motifs insights from engineering systems architectures
Shaja, A. S.; Sudhakar, K.

Exact elliptic compactons in generalized Korteweg–De Vries equations
Fred Cooper, Avinash Khare and Avadh Saxena

Journal of Combinatorial Designs

A Note on Triangle-Free Quasi-Symmetric Designs
Pawale, Rajendra M.

Mutually Orthogonal Graph Squares
Sampathkumar, R.; Srinivasan, S.

Journal of Graph Theory

Acyclic Edge Coloring of Graphs with Maximum Degree 4
Basavaraju, Manu; Chandran, L. Sunill

Rainbow connection number and connected dominating sets
Chandran, L. Sunil; Das, Anita; Rajendraprasad, Deepak; et al.

Mathematical Logic Quarterly

A More Natural Alternative to Mostowski's (MFL)
A. P. Rao

Jankov-theorems for some implicational calculi
Biswambhar Pahi

Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences

q-Bernstein polynomials related to q-Frobenius-Euler polynomials, l-functions, and q-Stirling numbers
Simsek, Yilmaz; Bayad, Abdelmejid; Lokesha, V.

Delay decomposition approach to state estimation of neural networks with mixed time-varying delays and Markovian jumping parameters
Lakshmanan, S.; Vembarasan, V.; Balasubramaniam, P.

Mathematische Nachrichten

On concave univalent functions
Bhowmik, Bappaditya

On irreducible p, q-representations of Lie algebras G(0,1) and G(0,0)
Sahai, Vi


Column generation algorithm for sensor coverage scheduling under bandwidth constraints
Rossi, Andre; Singh, Alok; Sevaux, Marc

Simultaneous Embeddings of Graphs as Median and Antimedian Subgraphs
Balakrishnan, K.; Bresar, B.; Kovse, M.; et al.

Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

Single-Cell Compact Finite-Difference Discretization of Order Two and Four for Multidimensional Triharmonic Problems
Mohanty, R. K.

Mixed finite element methods for a fourth order reaction diffusion equation
Danumjaya, P.; Pani, Amiya K.


Multiscale failure Modeling of composites using generalized finite element method
Mahendra Kumar Pal and Amirtham Rajagopal

A micromechanically motivated model for ferroelectrics combined with polygonal finite elements
Jayabal Kaliappan, Andreas Menzel, Arockiarajan Arunachalakasi and Sivakumar M Srinivasan

Random Structures and Algorithms

On the Hamiltonicity Gap and doubly stochastic matrices
Vivek S. Borkar, Vladimir Ejov and Jerzy A. Filar

Counting without sampling: Asymptotics of the log-partition function for certain statistical physics models
Antar Bandyopadhyay and David Gamarnik

Studies in Applied Mathematics

Generalized Burgers Equations Transformable to the Burgers Equation
Vaganan, B. Mayil; Jeyalakshmi, T.

Large Time Asymptotic Behaviors for Periodic Solutions of Generalized Burgers Equations With Spherical Symmetry or Linear Damping
Vaganan, B. Mayil; Padmasekaran, S.

ZAMM - Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

Boundary layer effects in rectangular cross-ply Levy-type plates using zigzag theory
Kumari, P.; Kapuria, S.

Weight function for an edge crack in an infinite orthotropic strip under normal point loading
Das, Subir