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Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering

Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering

The Encyclopedia provides an unparalleled exposition of essential scientific concepts and their application to current engineering practice. Coverage ranges from core disciplines such as electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and physics, to advanced materials, digital technology and environmental science, all of which have an ever-increasing, interactive role in modern air and spacecraft design.

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Automated Fast Initial Guess in Digital Image Correlation
Z. Wang, M. Vo, H. Kieu, T. Pan
Volume 50, Issue 1, pages 28–36, February 2014

Dynamic Buckling and Seismic Fragility of Anchored Steel Tanks by the Added Mass Method
N. Buratti, M. Tavano
Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics
Volume 43, Issue 1, pages 1–21, January 2014

Prediction of Short Fatigue Crack Growth of Ti-6AI-4V
K. Wang, F. Wang, W. Cur, T. Hayat, B. Ahmad
Fracture and Engineering Materials and Structures
Volume 37, Issue 10, pages 1075–1086, October 2014