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Trypanosome Virtual Special Issue

Trypanosome Virtual Special Issue

Trypanosome Virtual Special Issue

Trypanosome Virtual Special Issue

Through a special arrangement, we are pleased to have prepared for you a Virtual Special Issue on Trypanosomes. If you wish to subscribe to any of the journals, please contact Wiley customer service at cs-journals@wiley.com.

Cellular Microbiology
Molecular bases of cytoskeleton plasticity during the Trypanosoma brucei parasite cycle
Brice Rotureau, Ines Subota and Philippe Bastin

Cytokinesis in trypanosomes
Helen Farr and Keith Gull

Molecular Microbiology
Expression of the RNA recognition motif protein RBP10 promotes a bloodstream-form transcript pattern in Trypanosoma brucei
Martin Wurst, Beate Seliger, Bhaskar Anand Jha, Cornelia Klein, Rafael Queiroz and Christine Clayton

The Trypanosoma brucei AIR9-like protein is cytoskeleton-associated and is required for nucleus positioning and accurate cleavage furrow placement
Sophie F. May, Lori Peacock, Cristina I. C. Almeida Costa, Wendy C. Gibson, Laurence Tetley, Derrick R. Robinson and Tansy C. Hammarton

A kinetoplastid-specific kinesin is required for cytokinesis and for maintenance of cell morphology in Trypanosoma brucei
Liu Hu, Huiqing Hu and Ziyin Li

A domino effect in drug action: from metabolic assault towards parasite differentiation
Jurgen R. Haanstra, Eduard J. Kerkhoven, Arjen van Tuijl, Marjolein Blits, Martin Wurst, Rick van Nuland, Marie-Astrid Albert, Paul A. M. Michels, Jildau Bouwman, Christine Clayton, Hans V. Westerhoff and Barbara M. Bakker

Parasite Immunology
How the African trypanosomes evade host immune killing
B. Namangala

Parasite-driven pathogenesis in Trypanosoma brucei infections
L. J. Morrison

Mouse models for pathogenic African trypanosomes: unravelling the immunology of host–parasite–vector interactions
S. Magez and G. Caljon

Functional genomics of trypanosomatids

J. Choi and N. M. El-Sayed

Antimicrobial peptide killing of African trypanosomes
J. M. Harrington

African trypanosomiasis
L. J. Morrison and A. MacLeod

Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: RNA
Uridine insertion/deletion editing in trypanosomes: a playground for RNA-guided information transfer
Ruslan Aphasizhev and Inna Aphasizheva

3′ processing in protists
Christine Clayton and Shula Michaeli