Diseases Virtual Issue

Diseases Virtual Issue

The following selections demonstrate some of the content Wiley-Blackwell Neuroscience has to offer in the area of “Diseases” including journal articles, Current Protocols papers and book chapters. As it relates to this virtual issue, the theme of diseases encompasses all research that furthers our understanding of progression and treatment of nervous system diseases, disorders and injury.

Topics covered include developmental diseases, normal and diseased aging, neurodegenerative diseases, addiction, obesity, genetic/ epigenetic contributors to disease, psychiatric disorders, traumatic brain injury and repair, stroke, and oxidative stress.

The reviews and original research articles highlighted in this virtual issue use a range of techniques to study the onset and progression of disease and develop advances in prevention and treatment. These techniques span MRI, clinical trials, animal models, cell culture, molecular biology.

European Journal of Neuroscience
Levodopa influences striatal activity but does not affect cortical hyper-activity in Parkinson’s disease

HIV-1 gp120 upregulates matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in a rat model of HIV encephalopathy

Transplantation of human central nervous system stem cells – neuroprotection in retinal degeneration

Journal of Neuroscience Research
Cellular Mechanisms of Plasmalemmal Sealing and Axonal Repair by Polyethylene Glycol and Methylene Blue

Rapid,Effective and Long-Lasting Behavioral Recovery Produced by Microsutures, Methylene Blue, and Polyethylene Glycol After Completely Cutting Rat Sciatic Nerves

CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics
Pharmacological Therapy in Parkinson's Disease: Focus on Neuroprotection

The Role of Dopamine in Symptoms and Treatment of Apathy in Alzheimer's Disease

Lacosamide and Epilepsy

Journal of Pineal Research
Alzheimer’s disease: pathological mechanisms and the beneficial role of melatonin

Journal of Physiology Neuroscience
An update on cholinergic regulation of cholecystokinin-expressing basket cells

Cortical inhibitory neuron basket cells: from circuit function to disruption

GGF2 (Nrg1-β3) treatment enhances NG2 cell response and improves functional recovery after spinal cord injury

Journal of Neurochemistry
Epigenetic dysregulation of the dopamine system in diet-induced obesity

The vincamine derivative vindeburnol provides benefit in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis: effects on the Locus coeruleus

Genes, Brain and Behaviour
High-resolution mapping of a novel genetic locus regulating voluntary physical activity in mice

BDNF Val66Met and cognition: all, none, or some? A meta-analysis of the genetic association

Journal of Anatomy
Examining the relationship between early axon growth and transcription factor expression in the developing cerebral cortex

Brain and Behavior (Open Access)
Executive deficits detected in mild Alzheimer's disease using the antisaccade task

Neuroprotective effects of Tacrolimus (FK-506) and Cyclosporin (CsA) in oxidative injury

Akt1 deficiency in schizophrenia and impairment of hippocampal plasticity and function

Mu opioid receptor mRNA expression, binding, and functional coupling to G-proteins in human epileptic hippocampus

Experimental Physiology
Kinetics of exercise-induced neural activation; interpretive dilemma of altered cerebral perfusion

Combination strategies for repair, plasticity, and regeneration using regulation of gene expression during the chronic phase after spinal cord injury

Alzheimer's disease: β-amyloid plaque formation in human brain

Addiction Biology
Protracted abstinence from distinct drugs of abuse shows regulation of a common gene network

Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences
Increased self-transcendence in patients with intractable diseases

International Journal of Eating Disorders
Duloxetine in the treatment of binge eating disorder with depressive disorders: A placebo-controlled trial

Human Brain Mapping
Cognitive status correlates with white matter alteration in Parkinson's disease

Abnormal resting state corticolimbic blood flow in depressed unmedicated patients with major depression: A 15O-H2O PET study

The Journal of Comparative Neurology
Age-related changes in the morphology of cerebral capillaries do not correlate with cognitive decline

Neuropathology and omics in motor neuron diseases

Developmental Neurobiology
Cell replacement therapies for nervous system regeneration

Journal of Microscopy
Morphological change tracking of dendritic spines based on structural features

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From the backfiles: Fluorescence histochemical techniques for catecholamines as tools in neurobiology

Developmental Psychobiology
Autonomic regulation in fragile X syndrome

Reliability and validity of the Japanese version of the Agitated Behaviour in Dementia Scale in Alzheimer's disease: three dimensions of agitated behaviour in dementia

NMR in Biomedicine
Assessment of therapeutic response and treatment planning for brain tumors using metabolic and physiological MRI

EMBO (Open Access)
β- but not γ-secretase proteolysis of APP causes synaptic and memory deficits in a mouse model of dementia

The Wnt secretion protein Evi/Gpr177 promotes glioma tumourigenesis

Metabotropic glutamate receptor-mediated signaling in neuroglia

Kainate receptor trafficking

Current Protocols banner

Current Protocol Papers

Current Protocols in Neuroscience
Pentylenetetrazol (PTZ) Kindling Model of Epilepsy

Rubric for Extracting Idea Density from Oral Language Samples

Analysis of Skilled Forelimb Movement in Rats: The Single Pellet Reaching Test and Staircase Test

Current Protocols in Mouse Biology
Behavioral Measures of Pain Thresholds

Assessment of Circadian and Light-Entrainable Parameters in Mice Using Wheel-Running Activity

Current Protocols in Toxicology
Methods to Assess Neuroinflammation

Book Chapters

Handbook of Neuroscience for the Behavioral Sciences