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Music and Education
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Practitioners' views on cross-community music education projects in Northern Ireland: Alienation, socio-economic factors and educational potential
Oscar Odena
British Educational Research Journal

Identities of dis/ability and music
Michael Watts, Barbara Ridley
British Educational Research Journal

Students’ experiences with and preferences for using information technology in music learning in Shanghai’s secondary schools
Wai-Chung Ho
British Journal of Educational Technology

Developing Integrated Arts Curriculum in Hong Kong: Chaos Theory at Work?
Marina Wong
Curriculum Inquiry

From Broadway to Berlin: Transformative Learning through German Hip-Hop
Michael J. Sosulski
Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German

Dyslexia and music: measuring musical timing skills
Katie Overy, Roderick I. Nicolson, Angela J. Fawcett, Eric F. Clarke

Art and Music Correlation
Marie Fulková
International Journal of Art & Design Education

“Untold Stories to Tell”: Making Space For The Voices of Youth Songwriters
Wendy R. Williams
Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy

Development and evaluation of computer-aided music-learning system for the hearing impaired
H.-J. Yang, Y.-L. Lay, Y.-C. Liou, W.-Y. Tsao, C.-K. Lin
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

Phronesis in Musical Performance
Jane O'Dea
Journal of Philosophy of Education

Phonological awareness and musical aptitude
Zehra F. Peynirciogˇlu, Aydyn Y. Durgunogˇlu, Banu Úney-Küsefogˇlu
Journal of Research in Reading

The effects of musical training on the decoding skills of German-speaking primary school children
Iris Rautenberg
Journal of Research in Reading

Controversial practices in the education of students with high support needs
Jennifer Stephenson
Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs

A Rhythmic Musical Intervention for Poor Readers: A Comparison of Efficacy With a Letter-Based Intervention
Adeetee Bhide, Alan Power, Usha Goswami
Mind, Brain and Education

The Challenges of Interdisciplinary Epistemology in Neuroaesthetics
James Croft
Mind, Brain and Education

The Vital Importance of the Arts in Personal Development
Miguel Ángel Estrella
Museum International

“The Blues Playingest Dog You Ever Heard Of”: (Re)positioning Literacy Through African American Blues Rhetoric
Carmen Kynerd
Reading Research Quarterly

Marking time: using music to create inclusive religious education and inclusive schools
Julian Stern
Support for Learning

Integrated Lyrical Writing: Addressing Writing via Ballads
Alan Lytle
TESOL Journal

Falling on Sensitive Ears? The Influence of Musical Ability on Extreme Raters' Judgments of L2 Pronunciation
Talia Isaacs, Pavel Trofimovich
TESOL Quarterly

Music and History
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Music Into Movies
Ian Inglis
From A Companion to Literature, Film, and Adaptation
Edited by Deborah Cartmell

Bernard Gendron
From A Companion to Modernist Literature and Culture
Edited by David Bradshaw & Kevin J.H. Dettmar

London Theatre Music, 1660-1719
Todd S. Gilman
From A Companion to Restoration Drama
Edited by Susan J. Owen

Country Music
Barbara Ching
From A Companion to the Literature and Culture of the American South
Edited by Richard Gray & Owen Robinson

Southern Music
John White
From A Companion to the Literature and Culture of the American South
Edited by Richard Gray & Owen Robinson

Jazz: From the Gutter to the Mainstream
Jeremy Yudkin
From A Companion to the Modern American Novel 1900-1950
Edited by John T. Matthews

From Bebop to Hip Hop: American Music After 1950
Perry Meisel
From A Concise Companion to Postwar American Literature and Culture
Edited by Josephine G. Hendin

The ‘Last Night of the Proms’ in historical perspective
David Cannadine
Historical Research

A Means of Honorable Support: Art and Music in Women's Education in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Margaret A. Nash
History of Education Quarterly

Capturing the American Past: The Cowboy Song and the Archive
Michael Slowik
Journal of American Culture

Performance, Materiality, and Heritage: What Does an Archaeology of Popular Music Look Like?
Tadhg O'Keeffe
Journal of Popular Music Studies

Ambiguities of Violence in Beethoven's Ninth through the Eyes of Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange
Peter Höyng
The German Quarterly

"Takin' Care of Business:" Rock Music, Vietnam and the Protest Myth
Kenneth J. Bindas, Craig Houston
The Historian

How Sound is Sound History? A Response to Mark Smith
Bruce R. Smith
The Journal of the Historical Society

The Blues Misreading of Gospel: A History of Rock and Roll
From The Myth of Popular Culture: from Dante to Dylan
Perry Meisel

Fear of Music
James Longenbach
The Yale Review

Music and Place
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Another country is the past: Western cowboys, Lanna nostalgia, and bluegrass aesthetics as performed by professional musicians in Northern Thailand
Jane M. Ferguson
American Ethnologist

The Ethnographer as Apprentice: Embodying Sociomusical Knowledge in South India
Amanda Weidman
Anthropology & Humanism

The Condition of Music: Wagnerism and Printmaking in France and Britain
Rachel Sloan
Art History

Networks and place in Montreal's independent music industry
Thomas A. Cummins-Russell, Norma M. Rantisi
Canadian Geographer / Le Geographe canadien

The Songs of the Siren: Engineering National Time on Israeli Radio
Danny Kaplan
Cultural Anthropology

Iconic Landscapes: The Lyrical Links of Songs and Cities
David J. Keeling
Focus on Geography

"Cosmopolitan" Smyrna: Illuminating or Obscuring Cultural Histories?
Maureen Jackson
Geographical Review

Voz de Pueblo Chicano: Sustainability, Teaching, and Intangible Cultural Transfer in Conjunto Music
Daniel S. Margolies
Journal of American Culture

The Andean Music Industry: World Music Geographies in the San Francisco Bay Area
Kirstie A. Dorr
Journal of Popular Music Studies

Pop Internationalism: Has Half a Century of World Music Trade Displaced Local Culture?
Fernando Ferreira and Joel Waldfogel
The Economic Journal

Music, Greece and Rome
Matthew Fox
From The Encyclopedia of Ancient History
Edited by Roger S. Bagnall, Kai Brodersen, Craige B. Champion, Andrew Erskine, and Sabine R. Huebner

There is a Culture Here: Spectacle and the Inculcation of Folklore in Highland Bolivia
Stuart Alexander Rockefeller
The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology

A Day for the Hunter, A Day for the Prey: Popular Music and Power in Haiti
Reynold Henrys
Transforming Anthropology

Music and Psychology
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Disliked Music can be Better for Performance than Liked Music
Nick Perham and Martinne Sykora
Applied Cognitive Psychology

Can preference for background music mediate the irrelevant sound effect?
Nick Perham and Joanne Vizard
Applied Cognitive Psychology

Three Wise Young Men, a Cyber Community and Music — Counselling As Social Action: Storying a Community of Care in the Aftermath of Violence
Elmarie Kotzé, Linda van Duuren and Judy Small
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy

Brain and Music
Stefan Koelsch

The practical implication of comparing how adults with and without intellectual disability respond to music
Jeff Hooper, Tony Wigram, Derek Carson, Bill Lindsay
British Journal of Learning Disabilities

Music, IQ, and the executive function
David J. Hargreaves and Aleksandar Aksentijevic
British Journal of Psychology

Why do we listen to music? A uses and gratifications analysis
Adam J. Lonsdale and Adrian C. North
British Journal of Psychology

The effect of background music on the taste of wine
Adrian C. North
British Journal of Psychology

Examining the association between music lessons and intelligence
E. Glenn Schellenberg
British Journal of Psychology

On Sounds, Children, Identity and a 'Quite Unmusical' Man
Andrea Sabbadini
British Journal of Psychotherapy

Online Recognition of Music Is Influenced by Relative and Absolute Pitch Information
Sarah C. Creel, Melanie A. Tumlin
Cognitive Science

Active music classes in infancy enhance musical, communicative and social development
David Gerry, Andrea Unrau and Laurel J. Trainor
Developmental Science

"My Heart Opens and My Spirit Flies“: Musical Exemplars of Psychological Flexibility in Health and Healing
Benjamin D. Koen

The influence of alexithymia and music on the incidental memory for emotion words
Nicolas Vermeulen, Julie Toussaint and Olivier Luminet
European Journal of Personality

Music Therapy with Hospitalized Infants - The Art and Science of Communicative Musicality
Stephen Malloch, Helen Shoemark, Rudi Črnčec, Carol Newnham, Campbell Paul, Margot Prior, Sean Coward, Denis Burnham
Infant Mental Health Journal

Special Issue: Psychoanalysis and Music
Edited by Julie Jaffee Nagel and Samuel Bradshaw
International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies

Off the beaten track: Freud, sound and music. Statement of a problem and some historico-critical notes
Francesco Barale, Vera Minazzi
International Journal of Psychoanalysis

‘Little Hans’: From his phobic episode to becoming an opera director
Jean-Michel Vives
International Journal of Psychoanalysis

Group Art Therapy With Incarcerated Women
Bonnie J. Erickson, Mark E. Young
Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling

Music in dreams and the emergence of the self
Stefano Carta
Journal of Analytical Psychology

An interpretation of Babette's Feast as a parable of trauma
Sharn Waldron
Journal of Analytical Psychology

Effects of Music on Vocal Stereotypy in Children with Autism
Marc J. Lanovaz, Ingrid E. Sladeczek, John T. Rapp
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Role of Music Therapy in Social Skills Development in Children with Moderate Intellectual Disability
Barbara Duffy, Ray Fuller
Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities

The Effect of Music-Induced Mood on Aggressive Affect, Cognition, and Behavior
Barbara Krahé, Steffen Bieneck
Journal of Applied Social Psychology

Sharing My Music with You: The Musical Presentation as a Tool for Exploring, Examining and Enhancing Self-Awareness in a Group Setting
Moshe Bensimon, Dorit Amir
Journal of Creative Behavior

Musical learning in children and adults with Williams syndrome
M. Lense, E. Dykens
Journal of Intellectual Disability Research

Listening, Watching, and Reading: The Structure and Correlates of Entertainment Preferences
Peter J. Rentfrow, Lewis R. Goldberg, Ran Zilca
Journal of Personality

Adolescents and Music Media: Toward an Involvement-Mediational Model of Consumption and Self-Concept
Michelle Kistler, Kathlenn Boyce Rodgers, Thomas Power, Erica Weintraub Austin, Laura Griner Hill
Journal of Research on Adolescence

The role of tone sensation and musical stimuli in early experimental psychology
Sven Hroar Klempe
Journal of the History of the Behaviorial Sciences

Music, Emotion, Analysis
Lawrence M. Zbikowski
Music Analysis

Homer's Prophecy: an Essay on Music's Primary Emotions
Marcel Zentner
Music Analysis

Hearing and Seeing Musical Expression
Vincent Bergeron, Dominic McIver Lopes
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

Group music therapy for patients with persistent post-traumatic stress disorder – an exploratory randomized controlled trial with mixed methods evaluation
Catherine Carr, Patricia d’Ardenne, Ann Sloboda, Carleen Scott, Duolao Wang and Stefan Priebe
Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

Musical Training Facilitates the Neural Discrimination of Major Versus Minor Chords in 13-Year-Old Children
P. Virtala, M. Huotilainen, V. Putkinen, T. Makkonen, M. Tervaniemi

The effects of music on time perception and performance of a driving game
G.G. Cassidy and R.A.R. MacDonald
Scandinavian Journal of Psychology

The Role of Music in Everyday Life: Current Directions in the Social Psychology of Music
Peter J. Rentfrow
Social and Personality Psychology Compass

Music and Suicidality: A Quantitative Review and Extension
Steven Stack, David Lester, Jonathan S. Rosenberg
Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior

Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Music: An Intersection on the Oral and Aural Road
Julie Jaffee Nagel
The Psychoanalytic Quarterly

Special Section: Music Cognition and the Cognitive Sciences
Edited by Marcus Pearce and Martin Rohrmeier
Topics in Cognitive Science

Music and Society
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Hitchcock and Music
Jack Sullivan
From A Companion to Alfred Hitchcock
Edited by Thomas Leitch & Leland Poague

Rap and Feng Shui: On Ass Politics, Cultural Studies, and the Timbaland Sound
Jason King
From A Companion to Cultural Studies
Edited by Toby Miller

Making Music
Olufunmilayo B. Arewa
From A Companion to Media Authorship
Edited by Jonathan Gray & Derek Johnson

Rituals of Creativity: Tradition, Modernity, and the "Acoustic Unconscious“ in a U.S. Collegiate Jazz Music Program
Eitan Wilf
American Anthropologist

Composing Sound Identity in Taiko Drumming
Kimberly A. Powell
Anthropology & Education Quarterly

Listening to Modernity: Creativity and Cultural Reproduction in American Postsecondary Jazz Education
Eitan Wilf
Anthropology News

An Ethno-Methodological Approach to Cannabis and Music Perception, with EEG Brain Mapping in a Naturalistic Setting
Jörg Fachner
Anthropology of Consciousness

The Promises and the Challenges of Social Movement Unionism
Spencer L. Cowles
Anthropology of Work Review

They Want the Music but They Don't Want the People
Charles Keil
City & Society

El Rock Star Perfecto? Theorizing Juanes and New Directions in Cross-Over Celebrity
Christina Maria Ceisel
Communication Theory

Of Glitch and Men: The Place of the Human in the Successful Integration of Failure and Noise in the Digital Realm
Greg Hainge
Communication Theory

Playing With Fire: Cycles of Domestic Violence in Eminem and Rihanna's “Love the Way You Lie”
Suzanne Marie Enck and Blake A. McDaniel
Communication, Culture & Critique

Jewishness, Whiteness, and Blackness on Glee: Singing to the Tune of Postracism
Rachel E. Dubrofsky
Communication, Culture & Critique

Autonomy, Universality, and Playing the Guitar: On the Politics and Aesthetics of Contemporary Feminist Deployments of the “Master's Tools”
Robin M. James

Post-3/11 Japan and the Radical Recontextualization of Value: Music, Social Media, and End-Around Strategies for Cultural Action
Ian Condry
International Journal of Japanese Sociology

Exploring Influential Factors on Music Piracy Across Countries
Eyun-Jung Ki, Byeng-Hee Chang and Hyoungkoo Khang
Journal of Communication

Rap Music Videos and African American Women's Body Image: The Moderating Role of Ethnic Identity
Yuanyuan Zhang, Travis L. Dixon and Kate Conrad
Journal of Communication

Sharing or Piracy? An Exploration of Downloading Behavior
Robert LaRose, Ying Ju Lai, Ryan Lange, Bradley Love, Yuehua Wu
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

Sinking the Online “Music Pirates:” Foucault, Power and Deviance on the Web
Janice Denegri-Knott
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

Steven Feld and Aaron Fox
Journal of Linguistic Anthropology

Black Women and Black Men in Hip Hop Music: Misogyny, Violence and the Negotiation of (White-Owned) Space
Guillermo Rebollo-Gil, Amanda Moras
Journal of Popular Culture

Popular Musicians and Their Songs as Threats to National Security: A World Perspective
Thierry Cote
Journal of Popular Culture

Playing the Race and Sexuality Cards in the Transnational Pop Game: Korean Music Videos for the US Market
Eun-Young Jung
Journal of Popular Music Studies

The Role of Music in Materializing Politics
Margaret Dorsey
Political and Legal Anthropology Review

Tragic Narratives in Popular Culture: Depictions of Homicide in Rap Music
Gwen Hunnicutt and Kristy Humble Andrews
Sociological Forum

Understanding the Alteration and Decline of a Music Scene: Observations from Rave Culture
Tammy L. Anderson
Sociological Forum

The Rhetoric of Violence in Rap and Country Music
Edward G. Armstrong
Sociological Inquiry

Bourdieu and the Sociology of Music Consumption: A Critical Assessment of Recent Developments
Nick Prior
Sociology Compass

Music and Social Movements
William F. Danaher
Sociology Compass

Sing a Song of Drug Use-Abuse: Four Decades of Drug Lyrics in Popular Music–From the Sixties through the Nineties
John Markert
Soicological Inquiry

Music to Remember Me By: Technologies of Memory in Home Recording
Bryce Merrill
Symbolic Interaction

Musicians' Worlds: Music-Making as a Collaborative Activity
Peter J. Martin
Symbolic Interaction

The Beatles' Politics
Marcus Collins
The British Journal of Politics and International Relations

The sociology of popular music, interdisciplinarity and aesthetic autonomy
Lee Marshall
The British Journal of Sociology

The Russian "Rockumentary": Documentary Films and Rock, Pop, and Chanson
David MacFadyen
The Russian Review

Understanding Music in Movements: The White Power Music Scene
Robert Futrell, Pete Simi and Simon Gottschalk
The Sociological Quarterly

Cultural Capital And the Variety Of Modes Of Cultural Consumption In the Opera Audience
Jörg Rössel
The Sociological Quarterly

Music and Social Movements
Ashley R. Gromis and William G. Roy
From The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social and Political Movements
Edited by David A. Snow, Donatella Della Porta, Bert Klandermans & Doug McAdam

The Use of Music in Popular Film: East and West
William O. Beeman
Visual Anthropology Review

Why Music Matters
David Hesmondhalgh

The Global Music Industry
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Ichiro Fujinaga & Susan Forscher Weiss
From A Companion to Digital Humanities
Edited by Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens & John Unsworth

Tensions between Popular and Alternative Music: R.E.M. as an Artist-Intellectual
Robert Sloane
From A Companion to Media Studies
Edited by Angharad N. Valdivia

The Best Pop Princess: Kylie Minogue
Marc Brennan
From Beautiful Things in Popular Culture
Edited by Alan McKee

Making Profits and Sweet Music
Gordon Pearson
Business Ethics: a European Review

Inter-organisational Relationships in the Worldwide Popular Recorded Music Industry
Jonathan Gander, Alison Rieple
Creativity and Innovation Management

"We Are the World": State Music Policy, Cultural Imperialism, and Globalization
Roy Shuker
From Critical Cultural Policy Studies: A Reader
Edited by Justin Lewis & Toby Miller

The Management of Projects and Product Experimentation: Examples from the Music Industry
Mark Lorenzen, Lars Frederiksen
European Management Review

Beyond ABBA: The Globalization of Swedish Popular Music
Ola Johansson
Focus on Geography

A Creative Industry in Transition: The Rise of Digitally Driven Independent Music Production
Brian J. Hracs
Growth and Change

Special Issue: Song, Songs, and Singing
Edited by Jeanette Bicknell and John Andrew Fisher
Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

Measuring The Effect of Napster on Recorded Music Sales: Difference-in-Differences Estimates Under Compositional Changes
Seung-Hyun Hong
Journal of Applied Econometrics

Value Chain Envy: Explaining New Entry and Vertical Integration in Popular Music
Joeri M. Mol, Nachoem M. Wijnberg, Charles Carroll
Journal of Management Studies

Memory, Monsters, and Lady Gaga
Victor P. Corona
Journal of Popular Culture

Post-Fidelity: A New Age of Music Consumption and Technological Innovation
Daniel Guberman
Journal of Popular Music Studies

Music and Multimedia: Theory and History
Annette Davison
Music Analysis

"I Give it a 94. It's Got a Good Beat and You Can Dance to it.": Valuing Popular Music
David Sanjek
From The Aesthetics of Cultural Studies
Edited by Michael Bérubé

Music and the Internet
Steve Jones
From The Handbook of Internet Studies
Edited by Mia Consalvo & Charles Ess

Music in the New Capitalism
Timothy D. Taylor
From The International Encyclopedia of Media Studies
Volume Edited by Vicki Mayer; Encyclopedia Edited by Angharad N. Valdivia

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