World Congress of Philosophy Virtual Issue

World Congress of Philosophy Virtual Issue

Philosophy Yesterday and Today

In honor of the World Congress of Philosophy, held once every five years, we have a created a special collection of journal articles and book chapters inspired by the conference symposia. These articles look back on the hugely influential philosophy of Ancient Greece, and look forward to current trends in epistemology.

Ancient Greek PhilosophyCurrent Trends in Epistemology

Ancient Greek Philosophy

Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy

Antigone's Nature 
William Robert

Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

Aristotle on Character in Tragedy, or, Who Is Creon? What Is He?
Paul Woodruff

Sympathy and Insight in Aristotle's Poetics
Paul A. Taylor

 Journal of Chinese Philosophy

Comparing Greek and Chinese Political Thought: The Case of Plato's Republic
Melissa Lane

Confucian Citizenship? Against Two Greek Models
Sungmoon Kim

 Journal of Political Philosophy

Shouts, Murmurs and Votes: Acclamation and Aggregation in Ancient Greece
Melissa Schwartzberg

 Journal of Social Philosophy

Arendt and Aristotle on Equality, Leisure, and Solidarity
Samuel A. Butler

 Philosophy Compass

Philosophy of the Ancient Commentators on Aristotle
Miira Tuominen

  Philosophical Forum

Invoking the Greeks on the Relation between Thought and Reality: Trendelenburg's Aristotle—Natorp's Plato
Vasilis Politi

 Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Whose Thought Is It? The Soul and the Subject of Action in Some Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century Aristotelians

Marilyn McCord Adams, Cecilia Trifogli


Ethical Blind-Spots: Why Socrates Was Not A Cosmopoliton
Timothy Chappell

 Southern Journal of Philosophy

“Standing Apart In The Shelter Of The City Wall”: The Contemplative Ideal Vs. The Politically Engaged Philosopher In Plato's Political Theory
Catherine McKeen

Gorgias' Defense: Plato And His Opponents On Rhetoric And The Good
Rachel Barney

 Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume

Plato's Intelligible World?
Sarah Broadie

 A Companion to Aristotle

Aristotelian Categories
Gareth B. Matthews

From A Companion to Aristotle, edited by Georgios Anagnostopoulos


Knowledge Rules: Odysseus's Iron Soul
George Rudebusch

From Socrates, by George Rudebusch

 Greek Political Thought

Introduction: How to Do Greek Political Thought
Ryan K. Balot

From Greek Political Thought, by Ryan K. Balot

 A Companion to Ancient Philosophy

The Beginnings of Science and Philosophy in Archaic Greece
Edward Hussey

From A Companion to Ancient Philosophy, edited by Mary Louise Gill & Pierre Pellegrin

Current Trends in Epistemology

 Educational Theory

Education and "Thick" Epistemology
Ben Kotzee

Epistemologies of Situated Knowledges: "Troubling" Knowledge in Philosophy of Education
James C. Lang  

European Journal of Philosophy

The Roles of Knowledge Ascriptions in Epistemic Assessment
Mikkel Gerken

 History and Theory

The Epistemic and Moral Role of Testimony
Verónica Tozzi

History/Philosophy/Science: Some Lessons for Philosophy of History
John H. Zammito

 Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy

Feminist Epistemology at Hypatia's 25th Anniversary
Helen Longino

How Ecological Should Epistemology Be?
Richmond Campbell

 Journal of Applied Philosophy

Philosophy and Public Policy: A Role for Social Moral Epistemology
Allen Buchannan

Ideal and Non-ideal Theory and the Problem of Knowledge
Lisa Herzog

 Journal of Chinese Philosophy Justification and Debate: Thoughts on Moist Moral Epistemology
Hui-Chieh Loy
 Journal of Social Philosophy On the Epistemic Incentives to Deliberate Publicly
Andrew Smith

Philosophy In The Information Age
Terrell Ward Bynum

Philosophy, Its Pitfalls, Some Rescue Plans, and Their Complications
Alexis Papazoglou


Epistemic Entitlement
Peter J. Graham

The Ontology of Epistemic Reasons
John Turri

How General Do Theories of Explanation Need To Be?
Bernhard Nickel

 Pacfic Philosophical Quarterly Robust Virtue Epistemology And Epistemic Anti-Individualism
Jesper Kallestrup and Duncan Pritchard
 Philosophy Compass

Epistemological Objections to Platonism
David Liggins Virtue

Virtue Epistemology
Heather Battaly

Analytic Philosophy

A Priori Knowledge that I Exist
Nick Zangwill

Pragmatic Encroachment and Belief-Desire Psychology
Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa, Benjamin Jarvis, Katherine Rubin

 Philosophical Forum

Virtuoso Epistemology
Lynn Holt, Bryan E. Norwood

How Not To Defeat Skepticism: Why Antirealism Won't Do The Trick
Christopher Norris

 Philosophical Investigations

Fallibilism, Contextualism and Second-Order Skepticism
Alexander S Harper

 Philosophical Quarterly

Modal Knowledge, Counterfactual Knowledge And The Role Of Experience
C.S. Jenkins

 Philosophical Issues

Applying Pragmatics to Epistemology
Kent Bach

 Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

Defending the Evidential Value of Epistemic Intuitions: A Reply to Stich
Jennifer Nagel


Epistemic Value And Achievement
Daniel Whiting

 Southern Journal of Philosophy

Four Varieties of Character-Based Virtue Epistemology
Jason Baehr


Epistemology as Engineering?
Chase B. Wrenn

 Thought: A Journal of Philosophy

Aha! Trick Questions, Independence, and the Epistemology of Disagreement
Michael Arsenault, Zachary C. Irving

The Problem with Truthmaker-Gap Epistemicism
Mark Jago

A Tale of Two Fallibilists: On an Argument for Infallibilism
Anthony Brueckner, Christopher T. Buford

 A Companion to the Philosophy of Time

Evolutionary Explanations of Temporal Experience
Heather Dyke & James Maclaurin

From A Companion to the Philosophy of Time, edited by Heather Dyke & Adrian Bardon  

 Contemporary Debates in Epistemology

Should Knowledge Come First?

From Contemporary Debates in Epistemology, 2nd Edition, edited by Matthias Steup, John Turri & Ernest Sosa

 What To Believe Now: Applying Epistemology to Contemporary Issues

David Coady

From What to Believe Now: Applying Epistemology to Contemporary Issues

 How to Know: A Practicalist Conception of Knowledge

The Standard Analytic Conception of Knowledge
Stephen Hetherington

From How to Know: A Practicalist Conception of Knowledge