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Nonlinear Optical Borate Crystals, Principles and Applications By Chuangtian Chen, Takatamo Sasaki, Rukang Li, Yincheng Wu, Zheshuai Lin, Yusuke Mori, Zhangui Hu, Jiyang Wang, Satoshi Uda, Masashi Yoshimura, Yushi Kaneda  
Chapter 1 - Introduction


Optical Imaging and Metrology: Advanced Technologies Edited by  Wolfgang Osten and Nadya Reingand
Chapter 1 - Introduction

Nematicons: Spatial Optical Solitons in Nematic Liquid Crystals Edited by Gaetano Assanto
Chapter 1 - Nematicons
Statistical Methods in Radiation Physics By James E. Turner, Darryl J. Downing and James S. Bogard
Chapter 1 -  The Statistical Nature of Radiation, Emission, and Interaction
Discovering Superconductivity: An Investigative Approach By Gren Ireson
Chapter 1 - Introduction
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