Physics E-books

Physics E-books

  Have you heard about Wiley’s Physics E-books?

Now you really can access new and essential titles whenever and wherever you need them.

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Thousands of new and essential titles are now available on your Kindle, iPad, Sony, Nook or Android Devices.

With e-books you can...
  ● Instantly buy and download your book of choice
  ● Bookmark pages to revisit later
  ● Highlight and annotate any paragraphs of interest
  ● Search keywords and phrases
  ● Access your book anywhere at anytime
 And that's not all. Some of our new books have even more enhanced functionality. Offering not only text and images, but videos too. You can even link directly from your book of choice to listed references for further reading and research.
So opting for e-books instead of traditional print volumes means you're not missing out on anything - other than a heavy book to carry around with you!
 Why not start reading e-books today?
Finding and purchasing an e-book is simple…
 Let's use the title Dynamics and Relativity, as an example - available for the first time electronically, there's no need to carry it around with you!!
 Step 1:  Visit
Search for your title of choice by name, author or keyword. Click on your title of choice and the book’s webpage will show if this book is available as an electronic book, and what formats are available.
 Step 2: Click on E-book
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 To find out if special software is required select Important E-book Information
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 Step 3:  Click on Purchase this E-book
 Step 4: Select Faster Checkout for Returning Customers to log-in or new customers can Checkout Now
Step 5: Log-in and enter your payment information to purchase the e-book. You will be asked to log into your account again to access the download.
  Please Note: If you purchase an Adobe or EPub E-Book you will need to follow the instructions in the review page to download Adobe Digital Editions before you download your e-book. You will also need to authorize this software once it is installed on your computer to port the e-book to another device.
Advice and troubleshooting guides for accessing your e-books can be found here. If you have any questions regarding your order or need any additional assistance, please contact the Wiley Customer Care Center closest to you – click here for further details.