Leading Physics Research from China

Leading Physics Research from China

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Physica Status Solidi – Rapid Research Letters

FreeTransport properties of Sb2Te3/Bi2Te3 topological insulator heterostructures
Z. Zhang, X. Feng, M. Guo, Y. Ou, J. Zhang, K. Li, L. Wang, X. Chen, Q. Xue, X. Ma, K. He, Y. Wang

FreeMulti-peak and chromaticity-stable top-emitting white organic light-emitting diodes using single blue emitter
W. Zhu, X. Wu, W. Sun, J. Li, L. Xiong, J. Cao

FreeEfficient second harmonic generation by birefringent phase matching in femtosecond-laser-inscribed KTP cladding waveguides
N. Dong, F. Chen, J. R. Vázquez de Aldana

FreeGraphene/polymer composites for energy applications
Y. Sun, G. Shi

FreeNucleation of hydroxyapatite crystals by self-assembled Bombyx mori silk fibroin
M. Yang, W. He, Y. Shuai, S. Min, L. Zhu

FreeEnhanced mechanical property of chitosan via blending with functional poly(ε-caprolactone)
C. Gu, W. Shi, M. Lang

physica status solidi (a)

FreeImproved efficiency of blue phosphorescence organic light-emitting diodes with irregular stepwise-doping emitting layers
J. Liu, J. Wang, S. Huang, H. A. Chen, G. He

FreeCr incorporation in CuGaS2 chalcopyrite: A new intermediate-band photovoltaic material with wide-spectrum solar absorption
P. Chen, M. Qin, H. Chen, C. Yang, Y. Wang, F. Huang

FreeMechanical and electrical properties of carbon-nanotube-reinforced Cu–Ti alloy matrix composites
K. Chu, C. Jia, W. Li, P. Wang 

physica status solidi (b)

FreeOptoelectronic properties of ABC-stacked trilayer graphene
Y. M. Xiao, W. Xu, Y. Y. Zhang and F. M. Peeters

FreeInteraction and electronic structures of oxygen divacancy in HfO2
W. Zhang, Z. F. Hou

FreeQuantum reduced fidelity and quantum phase crossover in a spin ladder system with four-spin exchange
Z. Y. Sun, H. L. Huang and B. Wang