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Wiley is among the market leaders in publishing research in Plant Science and Agronomy, with more than 147,000 citations from over 2,700 Wiley-Blackwell articles in the ISI Plant Science category.

We publish 23 journals in the Plant Science category, 3 of which are ranked in the top 10.

Wiley now has the highest share of citations in the plant science category.

Internationally renowned program of journals, books and electronic MRWs, including The Handbook of Plant Functional Genomics, Compendium of Transgenic Crop Plants and the Open Access journal Food and Energy Security.

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Featured Special Issue

Plant Breeding

Development and Use of Molecular Markers for Crop Improvement

Plant Breeding: Development and Use of Molecular Markers for Crop Improvement

Feeding the earth´s growing population under the threat of climate change with rising abiotic and biotic stress is a major challenge. Molecular plant breeding paves the way to increase the supply of basic staples which is of special importance in the developing world. This special issue contains 11 papers on talks held at the international symposium “Development and use of molecular markers for crop improvement” in New Delhi, covering all aspects of molecular marker development and application in yield increase via biofortification to drought stress and disease resistance in different crop species, e.g. rice, wheat, maize, pigeon pea. Read this special issue online now in Plant Breeding >

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