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Plant Science Open Access Articles

Plant Science Open Access Articles

The OnlineOpen publishing option for Wiley Plant Science journals allows you to access select content without a subscription. When you see the open sign next to an article you can read this for free.

Consider making your next Plant Science article Open Access

Benefits for Authors
As an author, do you search for the easiest way to make your research instantly open and accessible to millions of readers? Why not consider Wiley OnlineOpen when publishing your next article?

What is Wiley OnlineOpen?
If you are an author and you want to make your article freely available on publication, or your funding agency requires you to archive the final version of your article, then OnlineOpen is an easy option available to you in some of the best journals in the world. Authors of primary research articles (including short communications) and review articles can take advantage of OnlineOpen.

Does it mean it is free for all to read?
Yes, if you choose to publish your articles OnlineOpen then you can post the final, published PDF of their article on a website, institutional repository or other free public server, immediately on publication.

How does it work? Will my article get preferential treatment?
All OnlineOpen articles are treated in the same way as any other article. Your article will go through the journal's peer-review process and will be accepted or rejected based on the article's own merit.

Online Open Process

Once accepted for publication, your articles are posted online on Wiley Online Library. The articles are archived for perpetuity and are registered at relevant Abstracting and Indexing Services and at CrossRef. Read more here.

Who funds?
As an author, you pay a fee to ensure that the article is made available to non-subscribers upon publication via Wiley Online Library, as well as deposited in your preferred archive. Sometimes, your funding agency or institution pays the publication charge.

Authors of accepted peer-reviewed articles have the choice to pay a fee in order for their published article to be made freely accessible to all. Read more here.

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Read a selection of OnlineOpen articles published in our Plant Science journals in 2016

MOL1 is required for cambium homeostasis in Arabidopsis
The Plant Journal

Improving cold storage and processing traits in potato through targeted gene knockout
Plant Biotechnology Journal

Both foliar and residual applications of herbicides that inhibit amino acid biosynthesis induce alternative respiration and aerobic fermentation in pea roots
Plant Biology

High-throughput microanalysis of large lignocellulosic sample sets by pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry
Physiologia Plantarum

Designing a sampling scheme to reveal correlations between weeds and soil properties at multiple spatial scales
Weed Research

Cassava brown streak disease and the sustainability of a clean seed system
Plant Pathology

High levels of cyclic-di-GMP in plant-associated Pseudomonas correlate with evasion of plant immunity
Molecular Plant Pathology

Wind increases leaf water use efficiency
Plant, Cell & Environment

Triticum monococcum lines with distinct metabolic phenotypes and phloem-based partial resistance to the bird cherry–oat aphid Rhopalosiphum padi
Annals of Applied Biology

Plasticity in leaf-level water relations of tropical rainforest trees in response to experimental drought
New Phytologist

Whole-genome duplications followed by tandem duplications drive diversification of the protein modifier SUMO in Angiosperms
New Phytologist

Diversification and use of bioenergy to maintain future grasslands
Food and Energy Security

ANAC005 is a membrane-associated transcription factor and regulates vascular development in Arabidopsis
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology

A Review of Natural Stimulant and Non-stimulant Thermogenic Agents
Phytotherapy Research

Factors driving structure of natural and anthropogenic forest edges from temperate to boreal ecosystems
Journal of Vegetation Science

Ecological effects of artificial light at night on wild plants
Journal of Ecology

QTL analysis for cooking traits of super rice with a high-density SNP genetic map and fine mapping of a novel boiled grain length locus
Plant Breeding

Tropical Asian species show that the Old World clade of ‘spiny solanums’ (Solanum subgenus Leptostemonum pro parte: Solanaceae) is not monophyletic

Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society

Effects of Sweet Potato Feathery Mottle Virus and Sweet Potato Chlorotic Stunt Virus on the Yield of SweetPotato in Uganda
Journal of Phytopathology

Drivers of vegetation change in grasslands of the Sheffield region, northern England, between 1965 and 2012/13
Applied Vegetation Science

Scale insect species (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) in Syria

EPPO Bulletin

Daylength, Temperature and Solar Radiation Effects on the Phenology and Yield Formation of Spring Durum Wheat
Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science

Resolving the phylogenetic relationship between Chlamydomonas sp. UWO 241 and Chlamydomonas raudensis sag 49.72 (Chlorophyceae) with nuclear and plastid DNA sequences
Journal of Phycology