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2011 Wiley Prize in Psychology

 Wiley Prize in Psychology

American developmental psychologist, Professor Dr Michael Tomasello, was named as the 2011 recipient of the prestigious Wiley Prize in Psychology by the British Academy in partnership with Wiley-Blackwell.

The £5,000 prize for ‘lifetime achievement by an outstanding international scholar’ is in recognition of Tomasello’s work identifying the unique cognitive and cultural processes that distinguish humans from their nearest primate relatives, the great apes. Professor Tomasello also works on child language and is a strong critic of generative grammar theory, expounded by British Academy Fellow, Noam Chomsky, subscribing instead to the cognitive linguistics school of linguistic theory.


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 Twelve-month-olds’ comprehension and production of pointing 
 British Journal of Developmental Psychology
Early View
Tanya Behne, Ulf Liszkowski, Malinda Carpenter, Michael Tomasello

Three-year-old children intervene in third-party moral transgressions
British Journal of Developmental Psychology
Volume 29, Issue 1, Date: March 2011
Amrisha Vaish, Manuela Missana, Michael Tomasello

 Young children understand multiple pretend identities in their object play
 British Journal of Developmental Psychology
Volume 27, Issue 2, Date: June 2009
Emily Wyman, Hannes Rakoczy, Michael Tomasello

 Young children's understanding of the context-relativity of normative rules in conventional games
 British Journal of Developmental Psychology
Volume 27, Issue 2, Date: June 2009
Hannes Rakoczy, Nina Brosche, Felix Warneken, Michael Tomasello

Bigger knows better: Young children selectively learn rule games from adults rather than from peers
 British Journal of Developmental Psychology
 Volume 28, Issue 4, Date: November 2010
Hannes. Rakoczy, Katharina. Hamann, Felix. Warneken, Michael. Tomasello  
 The roots of human altruism
 British Journal of Psychology
 Volume 100, Issue 3, Date: August 2009
Felix Warneken, Michael Tomasello
Rational Tool Use and Tool Choice in Human Infants and Great Apes
Child Development
Volume 79, Issue 3, Date: May/June 2008
David Buttelmann, Malinda Carpenter, Josep Call, Michael Tomasello
How Toddlers and Preschoolers Learn to Uniquely Identify Referents for Others: A Training Study
 Child Development
 Volume 78, Issue 6, Date: November/December 2007
Danielle Matthews, Elena Lieven, Michael Tomasello

A New Look at Infant Pointing
 Child Development
 Volume 78, Issue 3, Date: May/June 2007  
Michael Tomasello, Malinda Carpenter, Ulf Liszkowski

 Different social motives in the gestural communication of chimpanzees and human children
 Developmental Science
Volume 14, Issue 1, Date: January 2011
Anke F. Bullinger, Felizitas Zimmermann, Juliane Kaminski, Michael Tomasello  

  Pointing out new news, old news, and absent referents at 12 months of age
 Developmental Science
 Volume 10, Issue 2, Date: March 2007
Ulf Liszkowski, Malinda Carpenter, Michael Tomasello 

Understanding of speaker certainty and false-belief reasoning: a comparison of Japanese and German preschoolers
 Developmental Science
 Volume 12, Issue 4, Date: July 2009
 Tomoko Matsui, Hannes Rakoczy, Yui Miura, Michael Tomasello

  Shared intentionality
 Developmental Science
 Volume 10, Issue 1, Date: January 2007
Michael Tomasello, Malinda Carpenter  
 Enculturated chimpanzees imitate rationally
 Developmental Science
 Volume 10, Issue 4, Date: July 2007
David Buttelmann, Malinda Carpenter, Josep Call, Michael Tomasello

 Fourteen-month-olds know what others experience only in joint engagement
 Developmental Science
 Volume 10, Issue 6, Date: November 2007
Henrike Moll, Malinda Carpenter, Michael Tomasello

 Do great apes use emotional expressions to infer desires?
 Developmental Science
 Volume 12, Issue 5, Date: September 2009

David Buttelmann, Josep Call, Michael Tomasello

Young German children's early syntactic competence: a preferential looking study
 Developmental Science
 Volume 11, Issue 4, Date: July 2008
Miriam Dittmar, Kirsten Abbot-Smith, Elena Lieven, Michael Tomasello 

A competitive nonverbal false belief task for children and apes
  Developmental Science
 Volume 12, Issue 4, Date: July 2009
Carla Krachun, Malinda Carpenter, Josep Call, Michael Tomasello 

 Young children follow pointing over words in interpreting acts of reference
 Developmental Science
 Volume 13, Issue 1, Date: January 2010 Susanne Grassmann, Michael Tomasello

Young children attribute normativity to novel actions without pedagogy or normative language
 Developmental Science
 Volume 14, Issue 3, Date: May 2011
Marco F.H. Schmidt, Hannes Rakoczy, Michael Tomasello 

Infants use shared experience to interpret pointing gestures
 Developmental Science
 Volume 12, Issue 2, Date: March 2009
Kristin Liebal, Tanya Behne, Malinda Carpenter, Michael Tomasello

  Domestic dogs comprehend human communication with iconic signs
 Developmental Science
 Volume 12, Issue 6, Date: November 2009
Juliane Kaminski, Sebastian Tempelmann, Josep Call, Michael Tomasello

36-month-olds conceal visual and auditory information from others
 Developmental Science
 Volume 13, Issue 3, Date: May 2010
Alicia P. Melis, Josep Call, Michael Tomasello 
Simple Mechanisms Can Explain Social Learning in Domestic Dogs (Canis familiaris)
Volume 117, Issue 8, Date: August 2011
Dorit Mersmann, Michael Tomasello, Josep Call, Juliane Kaminski, Michael Taborsky  
  Helping and Cooperation at 14 Months of Age Felix Warneken, Michael Tomasello
Volume 11, Issue 3, Date: May 2007
 Felix Warneken, Michael Tomasello

Infants’ Use of Shared Experience in Declarative Pointing 
 Volume 15, Issue 5, Date: September-October 2010
Kristin Liebal, Malinda Carpenter, Michael Tomasello 

Fourteen-Month-Olds Know What “We” Have Shared in a Special Way
Volume 13, Issue 1, Date: January-February 2008
Henrike Moll, Nadja Richter, Malinda Carpenter, Michael Tomasello 

 Social Engagement Leads 2-Year-Olds to Overestimate Others’ Knowledge
 Volume 16, Issue 3, Date: May/June 2011 Henrike Moll, Malinda Carpenter, Michael Tomasello

Flexibility in the Semantics and Syntax of Children's Early Verb Use
 Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development
 Volume 74, Issue 2, Date: August 2009
Michael Tomasello, Silke Brandt 


  Language Development
The Essential Readings
Edited by Michael Tomasello and Elizabeth Bates
 The Emergence of Social Cognition in Three Young Chimpanzees
Michael Tomasello, Malinda Carpenter, and R. Peter Hobson

The Academy’s Wiley Prize in Psychology, worth £5,000, was created in 2009 as an annual award to recognize outstanding contributions in a field of psychology. 

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