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2012 Wiley Prize in Psychology

Wiley Prize in Psychology

Dr Yulia Kovas has been named by the British Academy and Wiley-Blackwell as the winner of the 2012 Wiley Prize, awarded for promising early career work.

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A genome-wide association study identifies multiple loci associated with mathematics ability and disability
Genes, Brain and Behavior
Volume 9, Issue 2, Date: March 2010
Docherty, Sophia J., Davis, O. S. P., Kovas, Yulia, Meaburn , Emma, Dale, Philip S., Petrill, Stephen A., Schalkwyk , Leonard and Plomin, Robert

Generalist genes and learning disabilities: a multivariate genetic analysis of low performance in reading, mathematics, language and general cognitive ability in a sample of 8000 12-year-old twins
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Volume 50, Issue 10, Date: October 2009
Haworth, C., Kovas, Yulia, Harlaar, Nicole, Hayiou-Thomas, Marianna E., Petrill, S., Dale, Philip S. and Plomin, Robert

Quantitative ultrasound of bone and calcium intake in suburban males in Sri Lanka
International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases
Volume 11, Issue 4, Date: December 2008
Siribaddana, S.H., Kovas, Yulia and Fernando, D.J.S.

Generalist genes and the Internet generation: etiology of learning abilities by web testing at age 10
Genes, Brain and Behavior
Volume 7, Issue 4, Date: June 2008
Davis, O. S. P., Kovas, Yulia, Harlaar, Nicole, Busfield, P., McMillan, A., Frances, J., Petrill, Stephen A., Dale, Philip S. and Plomin, Robert

The genetic and environmental origins of learning abilities and disabilities in the early school years
Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development
Volume 72, Issue 3, Date: December 2007
Kovas, Yulia, Dale, Philip S., Haworth, Claire M. A. and Plomin, Robert

Generalist genes: genetic links between brain, mind, and education
Mind, Brain, and Education
Volume 1, Issue 1, Date: March 2007
Plomin, Robert, Kovas, Yulia and Haworth, Claire M. A.

Overlap and specificity of genetic and environmental influences on mathematics and reading disability in 10-year-old twins
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Volume 48, Issue 9, Date: September 2007
Kovas, Yulia, Haworth, Claire M. A., Harlaar, Nicole, Petrill, Stephen A., Dale, Philip S. and Plomin, Robert

Genetic influences in different aspects of language development: The etiology of language skills in 4.5 year-old twins
Child Development
Volume 76, Issue 3, Date: May 2005
Kovas, Yulia, Hayiou-Thomas, Marianna E., Oliver, Bonamy, Dale, Philip S., Bishop, Dorothy V. and Plomin, Robert

Also by Dr Yulia Kovas

Child NeuropsychologyGenetics of learning abilities and disabilities: implications for cognitive neuroscience and translational research
Kovas, Yulia and Plomin, Robert
In: Child neuropsychology: concepts, theory, and practice
Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 46-57. ISBN 9781405152662
Jonathan Reed and Jody Warner-Rogers, eds