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Below is a selection of special articles on psychology in Asia recently published in our psychology journals. Simply click on the article titles below to read more

The rise and rise of social psychology in Asia: A bibliometric analysis
Nick Haslam, Yoshihisa Kashima       
Culture and the brain: Opportunities and obstacles
Haotian Zhou, John Cacioppo

 JASP Individual and Country-Level Effects of Social Trust on Happiness: The Asia Barometer Survey
Yasuharu Tokuda, Seiji Fujii, Takashi Inoguchi
 APPS Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Way of Coping Checklist-Revised (WCCL-R) in the Asian Context,
Sukanlaya Sawang, Tian P.S. Oei, Yong Wah Goh, Wilman Mansoer, Enoch Markhum and D. Ranawake
 POPS The Conceptual Complexity of Central Bankers and the Asian Financial Crisis
 Cameron G. Thies
 JPR  Culture and visual perception: Does perceptual inference depend on culture
 Keiko Ishii, Takafumi Tsukasaki, Shinobu Kitayama
 CDEV “My Way or Mom’s Way?” The Bilingual and Bicultural Self in Hong Kong Chinese Children and Adolescents
 Qi Wang, Yi Shao, Yexin Jessica Li
 FAMP Family Therapy in the Forbidden City: A Review of Chinese Journals From 1978 to 2006
 Timothy Sim, Chiyi Hu
 PITS Promoting cultural competence in counseling Asian American children and adolescents
Zheng Zhou, Candice R. Siu, Tao Xin
 JOMF Intergenerational Experiences of Discrimination in Chinese American Families: Influences of Socialization and Stress
Aprile D. Benner, Su Yeong Kim
 ETHO The Japanese Preschool's Pedagogy of Feeling: Cultural Strategies for Supporting Young Children's Emotional Development
Akiko Hayashi, Mayumi Karasawa, Joseph Tobin
  LDRP Learning Disabilities in Taiwan: A Case of Cultural Constraints on the Education of Students with Disabilities
Shih-Jay Tzeng
 JOMF Do Sons or Daughters Give More Money to Parents in Urban China?
Yu Xie, Haiyan Zhu
 JCLP Mindfulness in Thailand and the United States: a case of apples versus oranges?
Michael S. Christopher, Sukjai Charoensuk, Brennan D. Gilbert, Timothy J. Neary, Kelly L. Pearce

 Symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder among adult survivors three months after the Sichuan earthquake in China
Li Wang`, Yuqing Zhang, Wenzhong Wang, Zhanbiao Shi, Jianhua Shen, Ming Li, Yong Xin  
Posttyphoon prevalence of posttraumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder in a Vietnamese sample
Ananda B. Amstadter, Ron Acierno, Lisa K. Richardson, Dean G. Kilpatrick, Daniel F. Gros, Mario T. Gaboury, Trinh Luong Tran, Lam Tu Trung, Nguyen Thanh Tam, Tran Tuan, La Thi Buoi, Tran Thu Ha, Tran Duc Thach, Sandro Galea

 JCOP Academic achievement among adolescents in Cambodia: does caregiver trauma matter?
Sothy Eng, Miriam Mulsow, Harrington Cleveland, Sybil L. Hart
 JMFT Beyond Individual War Trauma: Domestic Violence Against Children in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka
Claudia Catani, Elisabeth Schauer, Frank Neuner
 CAMH Child Abuse in Japan
David Gough
 JCPP Evaluation of a classroom-based psychosocial intervention in conflict-affected Nepal: a cluster randomized controlled trial
Mark J.D. Jordans, Ivan H. Komproe, Wietse A. Tol, Brandon A. Kohrt, Nagendra P. Luitel, Robert D. Macy and Joop T.V.M. De Jong

 Some reflections on the influence of Chinese thought on Jung and his psychological theory
Murray Stein

 JOFT  The growing pains of family therapy in Singapore
Timothy Sim
 SODE  Japanese and American Children's Reasoning about Accepting Credit for Prosocial Behavior
Gail D. Heyman, Shoji Itakura and Kang Lee