General Psychology

Impact Factor Rankings

Impact Factor Rankings

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Aggressive Behavior
Impact Factor: 2.275
Ranking: 27/129 Psychology, Multidisciplinary; 28/51 Behavioral Sciences

Top-Cited Article:
Moral Disengagement Among Children and Youth: A Meta-Analytic Review of Links to Aggressive Behavior

Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy
Impact Factor: 0.532
Ranking: 30/41 Social Issues; 58/62 Psychology, Social

Top-Cited Article:
The Fewer the Merrier?: Assessing Stigma Surrounding Consensually Non-monogamous Romantic Relationships

Applied Cognitive Psychology
Impact Factor: 1.321
Ranking: 70/85 Psychology, Experimental

Top-Cited Article:
Lunar Lies: The Impact of Informational Framing and Individual Differences in Shaping Conspiracist Beliefs About the Moon Landings

Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being
Impact Factor: 1.757
Ranking: 24/76 Psychology, Applied

Top-Cited Article:
Implementation Intention and Action Planning Interventions in Health Contexts: State of the Research and Proposals for the Way Forward

Applied Psychology: An International Review
Impact Factor: 1.984
Ranking: 20/76 Psychology, Applied

Top-Cited Article:
Construct Clean-Up in Proactivity Research: A Meta-Analysis on the Nomological Net of Work-Related Proactivity Concepts and their Incremental Validities

Asian Journal of Social Psychology
Impact Factor: 0.623
Ranking: 57/62 Psychology, Social

Top-Cited Article:
Refining Lewin's formula: A general model for explaining situational influence on individual social behavior

Australian Journal of Psychology
Impact Factor: 0.719
Ranking: 81/129 Psychology, Multidisciplinary

Top-Cited Article:
Evidence-based teaching: Tools and techniques that promote learning in the psychology classroom

Australian Psychologist
Impact Factor: 0.753
Ranking: 79/129 Psychology, Multidisciplinary

Top-Cited Article:
Experimental Methods in Health Psychology in Australia: Implications for Applied Research

Autism Research
Impact Factor: 4.33
Ranking: 3/68 Psychology, Developmental; 6/51 Behavioral Sciences

Top-Cited Article:
The Interstitial Duplication 15q11.2-q13 Syndrome Includes Autism, Mild Facial Anomalies and a Characteristic EEG Signature

Behavioral Interventions
Impact Factor: 0.718
Ranking: 97/119 Psychology, Clinical

Top-Cited Article:
Automated Measurement in Applied Behavior Aanalysis: A Review

Behavioral Sciences & The Law
Impact Factor: 1.449
Ranking: 32/76 Psychology, Applied; 33/140 Law

Top-Cited Article:
Predictive Validity Performance Indicators in Violence Risk Assessment: A Methodological Primer

British Journal of Clinical Psychology
Impact Factor: 2.279
Ranking: 38/119 Psychology, Clinical

Top-Cited Article:
Exploring change processes in compassion focused therapy in psychosis: Results of a feasibility randomized controlled trial

British Journal of Developmental Psychology
Impact Factor: 2.841
Ranking: 17/68 Psychology, Developmental

Top-Cited Article:
Morality, values, traditional bullying, and cyberbullying in adolescence

British Journal of Educational Psychology
Impact Factor: 2.0
Ranking: 14/55 Psychology, Educational

Top-Cited Article:
Morningness-eveningness and educational outcomes: the lark has an advantage over the owl at high school

British Journal of Health Psychology
Impact Factor: 2.776
Ranking: 24/119 Psychology, Clinical

Top-Cited Article:
Using stop signals to reduce impulsive choices for palatable unhealthy foods

British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology
Impact Factor: 2.167
Ranking: 4/13 Psychology, Mathematical; 11/122 Statistics & Probability; 16/99 Mathematics, Interdisciplinary Applications; 38/85 Psychology, Experimental

Top-Cited Article:
Statistical mediation analysis with a multicategorical independent variable

British Journal of Psychology
Impact Factor: 2.254
Ranking: 28/129 Psychology, Multidisciplinary

Top-Cited Article:
Perceived facial adiposity conveys information about women's health

British Journal of Social Psychology
Impact Factor: 1.913
Ranking: 21/62 Psychology, Social

Top-Cited Article:
A single-item measure of social identification: Reliability, validity, and utility

The Career Development Quarterly
Impact Factor: 0.533
Ranking: 60/76 Psychology, Applied

Top-Cited Article:
Career-Life Preparedness: Revisiting Career Planning and Adjustment in the New Workplace

Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Impact Factor: 1.441
Ranking: 63/119 Pediatrics; 73/119 Psychology, Clinical; 75/133 Psychiatry, Social Science; 93/140 Psychiatry

Top-Cited Article:
Measurement Issues: Screening and diagnostic instruments for autism spectrum disorders - lessons from research and practise

Child & Family Social Work
Impact Factor: 1.086
Ranking: 11/40 Social Work; 24/40 Family Studies

Top-Cited Article:
Troubled families: vulnerable families' experiences of multiple service use

Child Abuse Review
Impact Factor: 0.841
Ranking: 18/40 Social Work; 27/40 Family Studies

Top-Cited Articles:
Child Maltreatment and Household Dysfunction in a British Birth Cohort

Child Development
Impact Factor: 4.061
Ranking: 1/55 Psychology, Educational; 5/68 Psychology, Developmental

Top-Cited Articles:
Epigenetic Vestiges of Early Developmental Adversity: Childhood Stress Exposure and DNA Methylation in Adolescence

Child Development Perspectives
Impact Factor: 3.264
Ranking: 15/68 Psychology, Developmental

Top-Cited Article:
Childhood Poverty, Chronic Stress, Self-Regulation, and Coping

Child: Care, Health and Development
Impact Factor: 1.692
Ranking: 36/68 Psychology, Developmental; 49/119 Pediatrics

Top-Cited Article:
Quality of life domains affected in children with developmental coordination disorder: a systematic review

Children & Society
Impact Factor: 0.833
Ranking: 19/40 Social Work

Top-Cited Article:
School Bullying as a Collective Action: Stigma Processes and Identity Struggling

Clinical Psychologist
Impact Factor: 0.933
60/76 Psychology; 89/119 Psychology, Clinical

Top-Cited Article:
Objectification Theory: Of relevance for eating disorder researchers and clinicians?

Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy
Impact Factor: 2.632
Ranking: 29/119 Psychology, Clinical

Top-Cited Article:
Online Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment of Bulimic Symptoms: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice
Impact Factor: 1.6
Ranking: 64/119 Psychology, Clinical

Top-Cited Article:
Making a Case for Treatment Integrity as a Psychosocial Treatment Quality Indicator for Youth Mental Health Care

Cognitive Science
Impact Factor: 2.446
Ranking: 30/85 Psychology, Experimental

Top-Cited Article:
Does Grammatical Aspect Affect Motion Event Cognition? A Cross-Linguistic Comparison of English and Swedish Speakers

Depression and Anxiety
Impact Factor: 4.407
Ranking: 9/119 Psychology, Clinical; 10/76 Psychology; 15/133 Psychiatry,Social Science; 23/140 Psychiatry

Top-Cited Article:
Cytokine Targets in the Brain: Impact on Nerotransmitters and Neurocircuits

Developmental Psychobiology
Impact Factor: 3.307
Ranking: 13/41 Developmental Biology; 17/76 Psychology

Top-Cited Article:
Prenatal cortisol exposure predicts infant cortisol response to acute stress

Developmental Science
Impact Factor: 3.808
Ranking: 7/68 Psychology, Developmental; 8/85 Psychology, Experimental

Top-Cited Article:
ANS acuity and mathematics ability in preschoolers from low-income homes: contributions of inhibitory control

Impact Factor: 1.733
Ranking: 9/39 Education Special; 15/70 Rehabilitation, Social Science; 18/55 Psychology, Educational

Top-Cited Article:
Molecular Genetics of Dyslexia: An Overview

Impact Factor: 0.905
Ranking: 36/83 Anthropology; 69/129 Psychology, Multidisciplinary

Top-Cited Article:
Border Children: Interpreting Autism Spectrum Disorder in South Korea

European Eating Disorders Review
Impact Factor: 2.461
Ranking: 33/119 Psychology, Clinical

Top-Cited Article:
Neural Responses to Visual Food Cues: Insights from Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

European Journal of Personality
Impact Factor: 3.347
Ranking: 4/62 Psychology, Social

Top-Cited Article:
Recommendations for Increasing Replicability in Psychology

European Journal of Social Psychology
Impact Factor: 1.712
Ranking: 26/62 Psychology, Social

Top-Cited Article:
Diversity ideologies and intergroup relations: An examination of colorblindness and multiculturalism

Family Process
Impact Factor: 3.0
Ranking: 1/40 Family Studies; 21/119 Psychology, Clinical

Top-Cited Article:
The Efficacy of Systemic Therapy for Internalizing and Other Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence: A Systematic Review of 38 Randomized Trials

Family Relations
Impact Factor: 1.024
Ranking: 12/40 Social Work; 25/40 Family Studies

Top-Cited Article:
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Extended Family, Friendship, Fictive Kin, and Congregational Informal Support Networks

Health & Social Care in the Community
Impact Factor: 1.369
Ranking: 6/40 Social Work

Top-Cited Article:
'You say treatment, I say hard work': treatment burden among people with chronic illness and their carers in Australia

Human Psychopharmacology
Impact Factor: 2.192
Ranking: 33/76 Psychology; 72/140 Psychiatry; 107/192 Clinical Neurology; 135/254 Pharmacology & Pharmacy

Top-Cited Article:
Single ketamine infusion in bipolar depression resistant to antidepressants: are neurotrophins involved?

Human Resource Development Quarterly
Impact Factor: 0.833
Ranking: 13/26 Industrial Relations & Labor; 50/76 Psychology Applied; 127/185 Management

Top-Cited Article:
Toward Mature Talent Management: Beyond Shareholder Value

Human Resource Management
Impact Factor: 1.293
Ranking: 34/76 Psychology, Applied; 87/185 Management

Top-Cited Article:
Talent or Not? Employee Reactions to Talent Identification

Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Impact Factor: 0.586
Ranking: 62/75 Psychology Applied

Top-Cited Article:
How Trustworthy Is the Scientific Literature in Industrial and Organizational Psychology?

Impact Factor: 2.086
Ranking: 27/68 Psychology, Developmental

Top-Cited Article:
The Development of Fairness Expectations and Prosocial Behavior in the Second Year of Life

Infant and Child Development
Impact Factor: 1.179
Ranking: 54/68 Psychology, Developmental

Top-Cited Article:
Development of Recognition of Face Parts from Unfamiliar Faces

Infant Mental Health Journal
Impact Factor: 1.071
Ranking: 58/68 Psychology, Developmental

Top-Cited Article:
Parenting Interactions with Children: Checklist of Observations Linked to Outcomes (PICCOLO) in Diverse Ethnic Groups

International Journal of Eating Disorders
Impact Factor: 3.126
Ranking:19/119 Psychology, Clinical; 20/76 Psychology; 24/77 Nutrition & Dietetics; 32/133 Psychiatry, Social Science; 48/140 Psychiatry

Top-Cited Article:
Cognitive remediation therapy for anorexia nervosa: Current evidence and future research directions

International Journal of Psychoanalysis
Impact Factor: 0.52
Ranking: 5/12 (Psychology Psychoanalysis)

Top-Cited Article:
The concept of intersubjectivity in psychoanalysis: Taking critical stock

International Journal of Selection and Assessment
Impact Factor: 0.814
Ranking: 51/76 Psychology, Applied; 129/185 Management

Top-Cited Article:
Conscientiousness, Its Facets, and the Prediction of Job Performance Ratings: Evidence against the narrow measures

International Journal of Social Welfare
Impact Factor: 0.875
Ranking: 14/40 Social Work

Top-Cited Article:
Policies and programmes to end homelessness in Australia: Learning from international practice

Japanese Psychological Research
Impact Factor: 0.5
Ranking: 197/129 Psychology, Multidisciplinary

Top-Cited Article:
Categorization difficulty is associated with negative evaluation in the "uncanny valley" phenomenon

Journal for the Theory of Social Behavior
Impact Factor: 0.756
Ranking: 53/62 Psychology, Social

Top-Cited Article:
National Identity, Citizenship and Immigration: Putting Identity in Context

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
Impact Factor: 1.088
Ranking: 83/119 Psychology, Clinical

Top-Cited Article:
Thirty Years of Research on the Functional Analysis of Problem Behavior

Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities
Impact Factor: 1.137
Ranking: 31/55 Psychology, Educational; 38/70 Rehabilitation, Social Science

Top-Cited Article:
Efficacy of the HealthMatters Program Train-the-Trainer Model

Journal of Applied Social Psychology
Impact Factor: 0.79
Ranking: 52/62 Psychology, Social

Top-Cited Article:
Out-group trust, intergroup anxiety, and out-group attitude as mediators of the effect of imagined intergroup contact on intergroup behavioral tendencies

Journal of Behavioral Decision Making
Impact Factor: 2.069
Ranking: 18/76 Psychology, Applied

Top-Cited Article:
Data Collection in a Flat World: The Strengths and Weaknesses of Mechanical Turk Samples

Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Impact Factor: 6.459
Ranking: 2/68 Psychology, Developmental; 7/76 Psychology; 9/133 Psychiatry, Social Science; 13/140 Psychiatry

Top-Cited Article:
Practitioner Review: What have we learnt about the causes of ADHD?

Journal of Clinical Psychology
Impact Factor: 2.019
Ranking: 43/119 Psychology, Clinical

Top-Cited Article:
A Pilot Study and Randomized Controlled Trial of the Mindful Self-Compassion Program

Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology
Impact Factor: 1.189
Ranking: 40/62 Psychology, Social

Top-Cited Article:
Bystanders' Support of Cyberbullied Schoolmates

Journal of Community Psychology
Impact Factor: 0.667
Ranking: 24/40 Social Work; 85/129 Psychology, Multidisciplinary

Top-Cited Article:
Community Resiliency: Emerging Theoretical Insights

Journal of Counseling & Development
Impact Factor: 0.545
Ranking: 59/76 Psychology, Applied

Top-Cited Article:
The Impact of Racial Microaggressions on Mental Health: Counseling Implications for Clients of Color

Journal of Creative Behavior
Impact Factor: 1.943
Ranking: 16/55 Psychology, Educational

Top-Cited Article:
Revisiting Mednick's Model on Creativity-Related Differences in Associative Hierarchies. Evidence for a Common Path to Uncommon Thought

Journal of Educational Measurement
Impact Factor: 0.922
Ranking: 11/13 Psychology, Mathematical; 36/55 Psychology, Educational; 44/76 Psychology, Applied

Top-Cited Article:
Validating the Interpretations and Uses of Test Scores

Journal of Employment Counseling
Impact Factor: 0.375
Ranking: 69/76 Psychology, Applied

Top-Cited Article:
A longitudinal examination of the relationship between teacher burnout and depression

Journal of Family Therapy
Impact Factor: 1.151
Ranking: 21/40 Family Studies; 81/119 Psychology, Clinical

Top-Cited Article:
The evidence base for family therapy and systemic interventions for child-focused problems

Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling
Impact Factor: 0.80
Ranking: 31/55 Criminology & Penology; 53/76 Psychology, Applied

Top-Cited Article:
Comparing the Predictive Accuracy of Case Linkage Methods in Serious Sexual Assaults

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy
Impact Factor: 2.528
Ranking: 4/40 Family Studies; 32/119 Psychology, Clinical

Top-Cited Article:
Bridging the Clinician/Researcher Gap with Systemic Research: The Case for Process Research, Dyadic, and Sequential Analysis

Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development
Impact Factor: 0.432
Ranking: 68/76 Psychology, Applied

Top-Cited Article:
Racism-Related Stress, General Life Stress, and Psychological Functioning Among Black American Women

Journal of Neuropsychology
Impact Factor: 2.486
Ranking: 26/85 Psychology, Experimental; 28/76 Psychology

Top-Cited Article:
Executive dysfunction in Parkinson's disease: A review

Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology
Impact Factor: 1.667
Ranking: 26/76 Psychology, Applied; 65/185 Management

Top-Cited Article:
Safety leadership: A meta-analytic review of transformational and transactional leadership styles as antecedents of safety

Journal of Organizational Behavior
Impact Factor: 3.038
Ranking: 7/76 Psychology, Applied; 18/115 Business; 24/185 Management

Top-Cited Article:
Environmental standards and labor productivity: Understanding the mechanisms that sustain sustainability

Journal of Personality
Impact Factor: 3.229
Ranking: 5/62 Psychology, Social

Top-Cited Article:
Agency-Communion and Self-Esteem Relations Are Moderated by Culture, Religiosity, Age, and Sex: Evidence for the "Self-Centrality Breeds Self-Enhancement" Principle

Journal of Research in Reading
Impact Factor: 1.473
Ranking: 24/55 Psychology, Educational; 34/224 Education & Educational Research

Top-Cited Article:
A comprehensive evaluation of lexical reading in Italian developmental dyslexics

Journal of Research on Adolescence
Impact Factor: 1.915
Ranking: 9/40 Family Studies; 31/68 Psychology, Developmental

Top-Cited Article:
Network-Behavior Dynamics Introduction

Journal of Social Issues
Impact Factor: 1.529
Ranking: 6/41 Social Issues; 31/62 Psychology, Social

Top-Cited Article:
Penalizing Men Who Request a Family Leave: Is Flexibility Stigma a Femininity Stigma?

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
Impact Factor: 1.865
Ranking: 10/14 Psychology, Biological; 38/51 Behavioral Sciences; 51/85 Psychology, Experimental

Top-Cited Article:
Changing Delay Discounting in the Light of the Competing Neurobehavioral Decision Systems Theory: A Review

Journal of Traumatic Stress
Impact Factor: 2.36
Ranking: 35/119 Psychology, Clinical; 43/133 Psychiatry, Social Science

Top-Cited Article:
Psychometric Properties of the UCLA PTSD Reaction Index: Part I

Legal and Criminological Psychology
Impact Factor: 1.49
Ranking: 14/55 Criminology & Penology; 26/140 Law; 46/129 Psychology, Multidisciplinary

Top-Cited Article:
Eliciting cues to deception by tactical disclosure of evidence: The first test of the Evidence Framing Matrix

Mind & Language
Impact Factor: 1.089
Ranking: 37/171 Linguistics; 72/85 Psychology, Experimental

Top-Cited Article:
Mindreading in Infancy

Mind, Brain, and Education
Impact Factor: 0.984
Ranking: 60/68 Psychology, Developmental; 78/224 Education & Educational Research

Top-Cited Article:
A Rhythmic Musical Intervention for Poor Readers: A Comparison of Efficacy With a Letter-Based Intervention

Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development
Impact Factor: 1.966
Ranking: 29/68 Psychology, Developmental

Top-Cited Article:
II. NIH Toolbox Cognition Battery (CB): Measuring Executive Function and Attention

New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development
Impact Factor: 0.667
Ranking: 64/68 Psychology, Developmental

Top-Cited Article:
Personal Identity in Italy

Personal Relationships
Impact Factor: 1.366
Ranking: 18/76 Communication; 34/62 Psychology, Social

Top-Cited Article:
Attachment styles as predictors of Facebook-related jealousy and surveillance in romantic relationships

Personality and Mental Health
Impact Factor: 0.738
Ranking: 54/62 Psychology, Social; 110/133 Psychiatry, Social Science

Top-Cited Article:
Non-suicidal self-injury: The contribution of general personality functioning

Personnel Psychology
Impact Factor: 4.49
Ranking: 4/76 Psychology, Applied; 8/185 Management

Top-Cited Article:
A Meta-Analytic Investigation of the Within-Person Self-Efficacy Domain: Is Self-Efficacy a Product of Past Performance or a Driver of Future Performance?

Political Psychology
Impact Factor: 2.384
Ranking: 8/161 Political Science; 12/62 Psychology, Social

Top-Cited Article:
Understanding the Determinants of Political Ideology: Implications of Structural Complexity

The Psychoanalytic Quarterly
Impact Factor: 0.381
Ranking: 6/12 Psychology, Psychoanalysis

Top-Cited Article:
Desire and Responsibility: The Ethics of Countertransference Experience

Psychology and Marketing
Impact Factor: 1.08
Ranking: 41/76 Psychology, Applied; 73/115 Business

Top-Cited Article:
The Marketers' Prismatic Palette: A Review of Color Research and Future Directions

Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice
Impact Factor: 1.441
Ranking: 52/76 Psychology; 73/119 Psychology, Clinical; 75/133 Psychiatry, Social Science; 93/140 Psychiatry

Top-Cited Article:
How collaboration in therapy becomes therapeutic: The therapeutic collaboration coding system

Psychology in the Schools
Impact Factor: 0.761
Ranking: 43/55 Psychology, Educational

Top-Cited Article:
Heightened Test Anxiety Among Young Children: Elementary School Students' Anxious Responses to High-Stakes Testing

Impact Factor: 2.443
Ranking: 6/38 Social Sciences, Biomedical; 24/129 Psychology, Multidisciplinary; 29/76 Psychology; 125/211 Oncology

Top-Cited Article:
What goes up does not always come down: patterns of distress, physical and psychosocial morbidity in people with cancer over a one year period

Impact Factor: 2.986
Ranking: 4/14 Psychology, Biological; 18/85 Psychology, Experimental; 21/76 Psychology; 27/83 Physiology; 115/252 Neurosciences

Top-Cited Article:
The utility of low frequency heart rate variability as an index of sympathetic cardiac tone: A review with emphasis on a reanalysis

Reading Research Quarterly
Impact Factor: 2.884
Ranking: 6/224 Education & Educational Research; 6/55 Psychology, Educational

Top-Cited Article:
Improving Reading Comprehension and Social Studies Knowledge in Middle School

Scandinavian Journal of Psychology
Impact Factor: 1.057
Ranking: 64/129 Psychology, Multidisciplinary

Top-Cited Article:
Validity and reliability of electroencephalographic frontal alpha asymmetry and frontal midline theta as biomarkers for depression

Social Development
Impact Factor: 1.505
Ranking: 43/68 Psychology, Developmental

Top-Cited Article:
The Effects of Participation Rate on the Internal Reliability of Peer Nomination Measures

Social Policy & Administration
Impact Factor: 0.854
Ranking: 17/40 Social Work; 22/41 Social Issues; 23/46 Public Administration; 39/55 Planning & Development

Top-Cited Article:
Policy Diffusion and Policy Transfer in Comparative Welfare State Research

Stress and Health
Impact Factor: 1.814
Ranking: 45/76 Psychology; 62/133 Psychiatry, Social Science; 84/140 Psychiatry

Top-Cited Article:
Are Adolescents With High Mental Toughness Levels More Resilient Against Stress?

Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior
Impact Factor: 1.853
Ranking: 36/129 Psychology, Multidisciplinary; 60/133 Psychiatry, Social Science

Top-Cited Article:
Insomnia Symptoms, Nightmares, and Suicide Risk: Duration of Sleep Disturbance Matters

Topics in Cognitive Science
Impact Factor: 3.063
Ranking: 16/85 Psychology, Experimental

Top-Cited Article:
The Potential of Using Quantum Theory to Build Models of Cognition

Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews - Cognitive Science
Impact Factor: 1.869
Ranking: 50/85 Psychology, Experimental

Top-Cited Article:
The complex act of projecting oneself into the future