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Global Voices in Psychology

Global Voices in Psychology

International Congress of Psychology 2012

Back row left to right: Sarah Oates (Wiley-Blackwell), Chee Leong Goh ( Asean Regional Union of Psychological Societies), Peter Banister (British Psychological Society), Kan Zhang (Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science), Margaret Zusky (Wiley-Blackwell), Siphiwe Ngcobo (Psychological Society of South Africa) Middle row left to right: Oscar Barbarin (Society for Research in Child Development), Takao Sato (Japanese Psychological Association)
Front row left to right: Sabine Hammond (Australian Psychological Society), Maria Caridad-Tarroja (Psychological Association of the Philippines), Arvind Sinha (National Academy of Psychology, India), Simon Crowe (Australian Psychological Society), Andy Peart (Wiley-Blackwell), Steve Jones (Wiley-Blackwell)

“The roundtable meeting gives us focus on what psychology can do in the next five years in the service of humanity.”
Professor Arvind Sinha, Chairman and Past President of the National Academy of Psychology, India

On 24th July 2012, during the International Congress of Psychology (ICP) in Cape Town, South Africa, Wiley-Blackwell hosted its third Roundtable in Psychology entitled Global Voices in Psychology.

Global Voices in Psychology provided a unique forum for the leaders of some of the world’s most influential psychological societies to share knowledge and experience about the challenges facing national and global psychology.

The Roundtable brought together representatives from the following psychological societies:

• Asean Regional Union of Psychological Societies
• Asian Association of Social Psychology
• Australian Psychological Society
• British Psychological Society
• Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science
• International Union of Psychological Science
• Japanese Psychological Association
• National Academy of Psychology, India
• Psychological Association of the Philippines
• Psychological Society of South Africa
• Society for Research in Child Development

Wiley-Blackwell will continue to facilitate the on-going, sustainable, and meaningful collaboration between these (and other) major societies, to ensure psychological associations and therefore psychology, is serving humanity in the  most productive way it can.