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Wiley Prize in Psychology

Wiley Prize in Psychology

Wiley Prize in Psychology




Dr. Richard Cook, City University London, has been named by the British Academy and Wiley as the winner of the 2014 Wiley Prize in Psychology.

To celebrate Dr. Cook’s achievement,

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perceptual and brain science research.

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 Brain and Behavior Brain and Behavior
 Cognitive Science Cognitive Science 
 Developmental Science Developmental Science 
 Human Brain Mapping Human Brain Mapping 
 Min, Brain, and Education Mind, Brain, and Education 
 Psychophisiology Psychophysiology
 Topics in Cognitive Science Topics in Cognitive Science 
 Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science

The Academy’s Wiley Prize in Psychology, worth £5,000, was created in 2009 as an annual award to recognize outstanding contributions in a field of psychology.

The 2013 award went to Professor Anne Treisman FBA FRS, whose work has had a major
impact in shaping our understanding of both auditory and visual attention.

The 2012 award went to Dr Yulia Kovas - a developmental psychologist from Goldsmiths,
University of London whose research focuses on individual differences in learning

The 2011 award went to Professor Dr Michael Tomasello in recognition of Tomasello’s work
identifying the unique cognitive and cultural processes that distinguish humans from their
nearest primate relatives, the great ape.

The 2010 award went to Dr Essi Viding - an outstanding young developmental psychologist
from University College London specialising in the causes of violent antisocial behaviour
in children and adolescents.

The 2009 award went to one of the world's leading pioneers of modern psychology-
Professor Martin Seligman
, currently Albert A Fox Leadership Professor at the University
of Pennsylvania and Director of the University's Positive Psychology Center.

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